Oh you are reading this post because the cute face behind this blog has a little time on her hands.

Yeah * she does an imaginary Igbo dance * I am finally on first semester winter break after most students I know have long gone on winter break (this sub is for my Engineering friends and friends in other countries/ continents ).

I have longed looked forward to these few weeks break even before the end of September 2019 when the semester started.

Lol, yes I can be that kind of student sometimes.

Earlier I was discussing randomly with a friend and she was narrating how she was asked diagnosis for a particular symptom over the phone and it was interesting but same time funny how we medical students are expected to start living up to the profession as early as first year.

So relax, read and enjoy what every medical student wants you/everyone to know.

Ps: these answers are randomly given by a group of medical students I know when I sent out chats to them asking them the question. 

These are some of the things We want you all to know that

1. We are studying to become Doctors and not Omniscience.


It’s okay to see us as small gods afterall Psalms 82:6 backs this up ( don’t just be extra about it though) but don’t be over it all the time for it cranks us up. It’s small god not big God hence we don’t know everything.

We are not spirits with or without telescopes to diagnose and treat 1001%, we are still at the studying level and we never stop studying for even when we graduate from medical school we keep studying to improve our knowledge.

medicine is never studied in a day!

New diseases come up daily, new medical issues are discovered by the second for which thanks to us all that keep abusing drugs especially antibiotics, new strains of antibiotics resistant microorganisms are found. Using this medium to kindly remind our family members to take all prescribed drugs to the last even if you feel better after taking it for 2 days.

Reminder:  Learning never ends even for old medical practitioners 

2. Medical Student Syndrome

Medical student syndrome

Hahahahah Most of us have at some point diagnosed ourselves especially after one or two similar classes that sync with symptoms we are having at that point in time but we never say this except when we are with ourselves and sometimes we laugh it off because atlas we know it’s the medical student syndrome which is why medical practitioners discourage anyone from googling symptoms.

3. We have diagnosed you before😂😂😂

  • You see when we are being taught in class about a disease, somehow people we know that exhibit such signs come up in our head and we link up the disease to them without them knowing. I know someone back in the days that apportioned each illness to someone and each microorganism to people we know.

My best was Wuchereria bancrofti ( the girl’s name is uche and she was my study partner and a friend). Till today I still call her that but this doesn’t mean she’s suffering from it shaa. It helps to remember diseases with ease.

  • Well, Even before you send us those pictures of rashes you are observing on your body or before you come to us with your complaints we have diagnosed you but we may not tell you and will prefer you go to practicing doctors that will observe you and send you to laboratory to confirm their diagnosis.

Medical student confess

The truth behind it, being that at the initial stage of medical school when you send us your signs and symptoms and expect us to answer with definitive details of diagnosis, we don’t know it 😂😂 but we can’t let you think our tuition fees are not worth it.

4. We are always planning about 5 years in advance .


Because we know that immediately after medical school we have a whole lot of expectations to meet, we have no other option than to plan ahead thereby coming off and replying with “I’m a little busy” when we get those nice, ear loving invitations to unwind. This alone can contribute to about 20% of our Depression.

5. Depression

Eeh yes you read right, some medical students get depressed along the journey to being doctors. Don’t stay and be envying medical students who are carrying books heavier than them, some suffer Depression, some of us hit rock bottoms,  some of us have low moments.


Statically proven 27% of medical students are depressed, so if you have any medical student as friend reach out to them sometimes. They might be depressed, will never tell you but will still be Available to listen to you talk about things that bothers you .

We are still strong enough to hear you out even in our depressed state.

6.  We are not boring set of people.

Le Anya eeh, whenever we convince ourselves, spirit, soul and body that it’s time to unwind,  you don’t want to know the extent we can go.

It’s all out with no reservation.


However, this is rare. I repeat a very rare opportunity for which we know somehow has consequences. The only prayer will be let the consequences be less.

For me on such rare occasions, I can laugh very loudly, try out any food but not drinks, can crack jokes and create those noisy scenes you will never be able to link up to me after that. It usually feels like I am out on some adventure and depending on how long this opportunity is, I can take those impromptu trips, road trips, hangouts etc which is why in my profile I admit to being ambivert.

7. We can defy law of minimum of 6-8hours sleep.

I learnt this years ago back in Nigeria during my last two years in a Nigerian university.

You want to have good grades? Then you’ve got to sacrifice something and for fellas like myself, it will be my sleep and my roommate then didn’t make this easy. Girl will make us to get just maximum of 3 hours of sleep and we will do TDB.

Lol, the day our bodies finally gave in after back to back weeks of living life like that, I knew it was it.  I felt no guilt.


So that fateful day, We had written one exam that was innit and we had another impromptu exam like that the following morning. We decided to take Nescafe to go through another TDB, how we slept off is till a mystery for when we woke up in the morning, we laughed hysterically at ourselves.

It was indeed a morning that won’t be forgotten in a hurry for we sure have interesting story that can’t be blogged about.

Do I still live that kind of life? Yes but now after some weeks, I take a day off from everything and rest If not I will have this extraordinary headache that can’t be explained.

8. We are not Arrogant!

You see when you sit on your high lofty chairs to pass judgement on us about being arrogant because all we talk about is our field of study it’s ridiculous. The truth is we have nothing else to talk about, though that is beginning to change now for some of us now talk about non medical books like you can see in Becoming that I blogged about and in Crazy Rich Asians Movie I reviewed. 

9. We neglect our Health for you.

This is pretty obvious with the chaos going on with this International Concern.

10. Clueless

This was me on my first day in scrub, fully prepared but had no idea what I was going to do…. laughs in Spanish because the memory is still fresh.

11. Some can’t answer the question: Why Medicine?

There was a point in my life, I couldn’t answer that question although I was so sure of the answer when I started but thank God I can answer that today.

12. Medicine is our life

Medicine requires patience, passion and that is our life. In all of these: the struggles inclusive, we know there’s nothing else we would rather do because it will be worth it at the end.

We are however not complaining, we just want you to know some of these things.

Till my next post, be nice to the medical students you know.