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Life update

Life Update

Hello fam. Super ashamed to acknowledge that I have been off this space for awhile now. Adult Life came at me with full speed and I have been trying to find balance hence this life update post. Been involved in a couple of things and I feel I owe you Queens and family members the …

Lifestyle Book Review Reviews


Americanah!!! A book I have read written by Chimamanda Adichie and a tenny weeny bit of me is of the unsolicited view it reflects/ reflected some parts of her life. For starters, Ifemelu’s blog mentioned in Americanah is still active till when this post was written, some of the blog posts quoted in the book …

2 years blogiversary

2 years Blogiversary plus interesting facts about me

I can’t believe it is 2 years already.
Yes! It’s my blogiversary
I am so pumped with how far I have come .
Grateful for the journey so far and the new family this blog has availed me to have..
But do you know I am Trypanophobic ?
Continue reading to find out more ..

Class of 2020 Medical Graduate

Latest Graduate

Yes!!! You read right, Class of 2020 M.D Graduate. (Does imaginary happy graduate dance). It’s been a long time coming, prayed for this day, believed it will come and worked towards it. A journey that started with “what do you want to be when you grow up”, a journey fuelled and inspired by life experiences, …


How To Maximize Time During Lockdown

Yaay! By the time this post would be made public I would have had 3 weeks plus lockdown at home due to COVID-19. Pretty sure 2020 will be taught in future history class as one of the pandemic years and hey grand kids, your granny being me would be answering all your questions and be …

Easy Perfume Hack
Beauty Reviews

Easy Perfume Hack

Shall I let you in on my tried easy perfume hack? These are my daily routine that keeps me fresh and making it seem like I have a known scent (you know that, I think Chimnaza was here by merely perceiving her perfume kinda thingy). It’s one thing to spend on good fragrances, it’s another …