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Class of 2020 Medical Graduate

Latest Graduate

Yes!!! You read right, Class of 2020 M.D Graduate. (Does imaginary happy graduate dance). It’s been a long time coming, prayed for this day, believed it will come and worked towards it. A journey that started with “what do you want to be when you grow up”, a journey fuelled and inspired by life experiences, a journey I am grateful to have begun… So allow me to be vain small and re-introduce myself : Chimnaza N.C  (B.Mls, M.D and something… Read More »Latest Graduate

Easy Perfume Hack

Easy Perfume Hack

Shall I let you in on my tried easy perfume hack? These are my daily routine that keeps me fresh and making it seem like I have a known scent (you know that, I think Chimnaza was here by merely perceiving her perfume kinda thingy). It’s one thing to spend on good fragrances, it’s another to have long fragrance day and I am here to help to achieve all that. So enjoy the perfume hacks listed below and thank me… Read More »Easy Perfume Hack


Concussion Movie

On a good weather day in January, during an evening sit-in, a very good friend of mine recommended I watch this movie: concussion. He was surprised that I haven’t seen the movie or know anything about the brain behind the movie, probably because of the way I am so into my tribe and He-the author being from my tribe with area of specialization in areas I have got interest in. I would admit that initially the movie started off looking… Read More »Concussion Movie

Fun Facts about Ukraine

Hey blog fam! How are you all doing? Today’s post is a follow up of  Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine post  especially for my fellow tourists (yes I consider myself one atimes) who are planning on spending or visiting Ukraine this summer. Will start off with things you can do while in Ukraine beside touring and visiting the fun places Ukraine has to offer. Greet with a strong handshake along with direct eye contact. Well, this applies to all… Read More »Fun Facts about Ukraine

What every Medical Student wants you to know

Oh you are reading this post because the cute face behind this blog has a little time on her hands. Yeah * she does an imaginary Igbo dance * I am finally on first semester winter break after most students I know have long gone on winter break (this sub is for my Engineering friends and friends in other countries/ continents ). I have longed looked forward to these few weeks break even before the end of September 2019 when… Read More »What every Medical Student wants you to know

Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine

Ukraine is fast becoming one of the tourist countries and for someone who has spent some years out of her long years on earth in Ukraine, it is my pleasure to fill you in before you pay for that flight ticket to Ukraine this summer to visit cities like Kiev and others. As a foreigner in Ukraine, don’t do any of the following : Don’t Get a taxi or approach people who offer accommodation for rent waiting at the train… Read More »Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine