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Bling Empire
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Bling Empire: Is the rave worth it?

After seeing crazy rich Asians movie some years ago, I started viewing Asians differently but haven’t see any other Asian movie that their advert or preview on Netflix got my attention till Bling Empire. Bling Empire is Jeff Jenkins project and one of the new Netflix raves at the moment. It seems Jenkins brought most of his experience from handling keeping up with the Kardashians show but on a different budget. Bling Empire is a reality show that lets viewers into the lives group of Asian friends who are friends in real life and are stupendously wealthy. Though Asians, they …

Serena Williams
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Beautiful Mother-Daughter moments we didn’t know we needed: Serena Williams and Olympia Ohanian.

With the world constantly shoving unwelcomed narratives down our throats, there are definitely moments we look forward to and end with aww…it’s beautiful. Serena Williams and her daughter gives us such moments and we are happy to see it and believe that there are still good bonds out there. Well let’s get down to it🥰 Even when she’s is being dressed up for one occasion or the other, the moments are there supporting the view that women can have both career and family. Well, permut me to add with supportive partners.  All 📸: Serena Williams. Till next beautiful bond post, keep …

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Americanah should be on your reading list in 2020.

Americanah!!! A book I have read written by Chimamanda Adichie and a tenny weeny bit of me is of the unsolicited view that Americanah reflects/ reflected some parts of her life. For starters, Ifemelu’s blog mentioned in Americanah is still active till when this post was written, some of the blog posts quoted in the book are on the blog, she’s a Princeton fellow… I can go on and on but this is me just being fascinated and curious to what happened to Ifemelu and Obinze’s reunited love as mentioned in Americanah. Well, Americanah is a book I could resonate …

Easy Perfume Hack
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Easy Perfume Hack

Shall I let you in on my tried easy perfume hack? These are my daily routine that keeps me fresh and making it seem like I have a known scent (you know that, I think Chimnaza was here by merely perceiving her perfume kinda thingy). It’s one thing to spend on good fragrances, it’s another to have long fragrance day and I am here to help to achieve all that. So enjoy the perfume hacks listed below and thank me later * winks* 1. Store Perfumes in Cool and Dark place Beside the fact that some Perfumes come with inscriptions …

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What every Medical Student wants you to know

Oh you are reading this post because the cute face behind this blog has a little time on her hands. Yeah * she does an imaginary Igbo dance * I am finally on first semester winter break after most students I know have long gone on winter break (this sub is for my Engineering friends and friends in other countries/ continents ). I have longed looked forward to these few weeks break even before the end of September 2019 when the semester started. Lol, yes I can be that kind of student sometimes. Earlier I was discussing randomly with a …