Shall I let you in on my tried easy perfume hack?

These are my daily routine that keeps me fresh and making it seem like I have a known scent (you know that, I think Chimnaza was here by merely perceiving her perfume kinda thingy).

It’s one thing to spend on good fragrances, it’s another to have long fragrance day and I am here to help to achieve all that.

So enjoy the perfume hacks listed below and thank me later * winks*

Easy Perfume Hack

1. Store Perfumes in Cool and Dark place

Beside the fact that some Perfumes come with inscriptions like store in a cool and dark place, it’s definitely important for safety purposes. 

Remember perfumes contain a certain percent of alcohol? And alcohols are flammable, so you see you are preventing hazard by keeping them in cool place.

Keeping perfume in cool and dark places is a number one perfume hack for it helps to ensure their longevity since heat, light and humidity breaks down perfume.

Just placing perfumes away from direct and indirect sunlight sure helps the fragrance last longer.

2. Apply Perfume Right after Shower

I don’t know how long I have known this hack but I sure do know I have gotten weird looks when I apply perfume right after shower and trust me I don’t really care much for it keeps me smelling fresh and having sweet dreams.

Shaa joking on the sweet dreams part but imagine smelling fresh even in your dreams.

Don’t wait till your body is entirely dried up to apply perfume, just as you are apply cream or putting on clothe just apply perfume and save your neighbor’s nose.

3. Target pulse points. 

This right here is my main perfume hack.

Perfume Hacks

Knowing the right place to apply perfume is the key. The picture above shows that these are the pulse point which are generally the warmer areas on our body.

Pulse points are actually where blood vessels are closer to the surface of the skin than other areas. This also means that it’ll be slightly warmer here, better evaporating the alcoholic carrier that most perfumes come in and releasing the fragrance more effectively.

4. Stay Hydrated 

Perfume Hack

Staying hydrated can be achieved first by taking enough fluid: water and ofcourse using moisturizing creams and lotions. 

Be patient enough to find out which cream moisturisers your skin especially if you have dry skin like myself. 

For me what works for are in this post, if you have dry skin like me then try out my skincare routine and see if it will work for you too. 

5. Vaseline Hack

See eh, vaseline is that multi purpose item that everyone needs in their house. It’s always handy to save the day including as a perfume hack.

Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. The ointment holds the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.

6. Don’t Rub your Wrists Together 

I am so sure we have heard this a whole lot of times and this is true. The practice of rubbing Wrists together after applying perfume should be avoided.

7. Use Perfumes with Longetivity

This perfume hack have already been extensively discussed in Best Perfume post.

If you really want a perfume that would stick around all day with only one spritz, opt for one with the highest concentration of oil. Yes, it can be costly atimes but you are really getting what you paid for.

For example, eau de parfum are expensive but they contain around 15% to 20% of essential oils and can last for 6 to 8 hours with a single spritz – that’s your entire work day done.

In comparison, eau de toilettes and colognes, while more affordable, contain only 5% essential oils and last about 3 to 6 hours, which means you have to bring it around with you if you’d like to freshen up your fragrance in the middle of your day.

Ps: currently using Zara wonder Rose summer hence why I used it as featured image. 

8. Perfume Your Hair Brush or other Personal Belongings. 

This is my favourite perfume hack, from time to time, I perfume my duvets and bedsheets.  For my hair, I apply perfumes in my hair brush as well as use hair oils that contain certain amount of fragrance. 

9. Add a little quantity of your perfume in your lotion

Those last few drops in a perfume are usually important to me, pouring them into my lotions helps and sure it will help anyone out there who tries it out.

But try out the perfume first on your skin to be sure you are not overly sensitive to it.

I remember having used a perfume that each time, I apply it on my skin, I have skin reactions so I resorted to just applying it on my clothe.

These are currently the perfume hacks I use daily and when It gives me that baby girl feeling in addition to when I leave or visit and environment, you can definitely say Chimnaza was here.

Till next post, try out these perfume hacks and be glad you are getting the best out of your perfumes.