2022 saw a lot of best TV Shows produced which were made available for public consumption and these are definitely the best TV shows for the year based on the lessons portrayed as well as other personal factors. So in no particular order, here they are:

From Scratch:

For someone who isn’t moved by peer pressure to see trending public-acclaimed best TV shows, I succumbed and decided to see this movie I could term as best movie on one lazy evening and I can tell you for free that I couldn’t stop till I got to the end, which basically means that the following day was spent watching ‘From Scratch’.

Best MoviesI am not sure how many times my eyes produced fluid but I am certain that hard girl cried in a couple of scenes. Thankfully, I was home and alone, I just couldn’t afford having someone else catch me crying like the events were happening to me.

It was a good one, it felt relatable and the reviews from others who watched the movie across the world were in sync. In the words of one of the reviews “What a beautiful, passionate and a heart wrenching love story! My initial interest was just to see how well they covered Sicily and Florence in this limited series and soon I was smitten by the scintillating chemistry between Zoe Saldana and Eugenio Mastrandrea. So much so that I was ecstatic at their first kiss…being glad that these two acknowledged the obvious mutual feelings between them..! Eugenio was cast perfect as the charming persistent Italian chef who wore his heart on his sleeve and Zoe delivered well as a new girl in the city pursuing her love for Art ditching a Law degree.

The beautiful love story laden with two souls madly in love and passion soon turned more deeper, heavier and serious as Zoe & Eugenio start battling all the curveballs life throws at them throughout their relationship. Its best seen than read in a review! So definitely watch it. The characters of all supporting actors were also very beautifully brought out in just 8 episodes. Towards the end, Zoe delivers such brilliant performance portraying everything from frustration to jealousy to mental exhaustion and her undying love for Eugenio with such ease! Absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t watch it again just to avoid bawling my eyes out one more time! But great job, Netflix. Keep ’em coming!!”

In Brief, “From Scratch” is one of the best-movies though not produced in 2022 but in 2021, that tells the story of Tembi Locke, an actress and a producer, as she embarks on a journey to Italy to learn more about her late husband’s family and their rich culinary history.

Along the way, she discovers the importance of food and family, and how they can bring people together. This journey sounds straightforward but certainly wasn’t because the events leading to the death of her husband and meeting his family members were bittersweet. I wouldn’t even wish this on anyone but definitely amongst the best movies of 2022 list.


I have always loved scary shows and it is no surprise that I loved this movie from beginning to the end. Before seeing the movie, I have to mention I don’t think I have watched any movie, Ortega starred in and I was trying to understand if she is truly a child or an adult playing a Child’s role. It wasn’t until analytics started recommending her interviews after having seen the movie, did I realise she had acted in other similar movie and I would be on the look out of more from her come 2023.Best TV Shows

From the cinematography to the acting to the actors, It was beautiful no wonder it is one of the most liked movies on Netflix. I do hope there is a sequel in future because hands down one of the best movies in 2022.

Blood & Water:

This movie right here, had me being proud of South Africans, although the first few episodes of season one was a tad slow till it picked up along the way. It is the first South African movie I have watched and it blew my mind at the how complicated yet simple the story line is. I started watching it in 2020 when the first season was released and I have been refreshing my Netflix account ever since waiting for the season 3 which got released this year.Best Movies

The wait was definitely worth it and I hope there is another season for we are yet to know who is the real boss behind all the atrocities that had the Khumalos indicted. Well, the show follows the story of Puleng Khumalo, a 16 year old girl who became obsessed with finding out the truth about her sister, who was abducted at birth. As she investigates, Puleng becomes embroiled in a web of secrets and lies at her high school, and discovers that the person who she thought was her sister’s abductor may not be who they seem.

I was always beaming with smiles when she got her brains thinking, trying to untie one knot or the other but of course one untied knot leads to another mystery and it never ended at that. This series has been well-received so far and finger crossed there would be another season come next year.

Far From Home: 

I was sceptical about seeing this particular movie, considering the fact that some Hollywood movies on Netflix portray Nigeria in unrealistic way. I just added it to the watch list as one of those movies that would put me to sleep on days I find sleeping difficult. It wasn’t long before, I had need for it and boyaah!

Best MovieI was kept awake instead of being put to sleep. The actors did a wonderful job of interpreting their roles well, the scenes had me laughing and it felt like a breath of fresh air from previous Nollywood movies made available on Netflix. It sure had a touch of westernisation in it, which left me thinking if this is what really goes down in high schools but I wouldn’t fault the movie as its one of the best movies from Nigeria in 2022. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has lost faith in Nollywood to see this.

The Woman King

Woman King seem to resonate well with Blacks~ Africans especially West African because the rave was out of the world. It is pretty much understandable considering the fact that some of the actors are Nigerians and Nigerians support their own a lot, like they are so proud of themselves. The love from Nigeria towards her own especially to those in entertainment industry is palpable and can certainly make one wish they are from Nigeria.Best Movie

The movie is based on a true story of Nanisca, the general of an all female military unit in the kingdom of Dahomey, and her daughter Nawi, who fight fought to protect their kingdom from being colonised by the French in the late 18th century. The film stars are Viola Davis, Michael K. Williams and Jimmy Jean-Louis. The movie far exceeded box office expectations boasting of loud performances.

It is difficult to say which is the best movies of all time considering there are other factors to consider like watching other movies to choose out of categories like the best action movies, the best scary movies, the best movies on Hulu, the best movies on amazon prime, even the best movies on Netflix right now.

2022, has been indeed a year and we all are expectant of the best TV shows to be produced come 2023. Till next year, compliments of the season.