On today’s post will be different ladies with their hair stories particularly one that was team natural hair when I first met her and this summer sis relaxed her hair .

When I asked her why, she said “I no do again, I can’t come and die”. Interesting Somebody and I haven’t stopped laughing whenever I remember her reply.

She’s a 4th year medical student, Baker(she learnt to bake and hasn’t baked oo, she has all the baking equipments), a tailor and a bookworm.

Natural hair

Qsn: Sis how long were you Team natural? 

Amira: For 5 years.

Qsn: What was your natural hair routine?

Amira: Nothing much, just Wash, Condition. Use shea or castor oil. Then maybe once a week moisturise and I wasn’t consistent though.

(My fellow lazy team natural).

Qsn: So Why did you leave team natural?

Amira: Hehehe I was Tired of the stress 😴

Qsn: Do you have any regret relaxing your hair?

Amira: Na! Not yet…… I’m enjoying how easy it is to wash and comb. Maybe when my hair starts to fall out 😜.

(Kindly delete my number when Alopecia sets in)

Qsn: What exactly were you never told before you joined team natural?


  • First That natural hair will teach me patience. All the working in products and detangling strand by strand and in sections….phew!!! That’s alot .
  • Second, That there are over 1001 you tube hair specialists. Everyone with their own thing and  advice. Gets overwhelming. 

Interesting,  I can relate to the over 1001 youtubers . So overwhelming and such energy isn’t what I have.

Well, any words for those considering joining team natural hair?

Amira: They should be consistent. It’s worth it. Natural hair is so flexible, there are a lot of styles you can achieve with and most importantly Don’t look at others too much. Our hair journies are very different.

Ndewo Nwanne, ikwuru ofuma. Ka odiba.

Second guest on the blog is another sister I have known for awhile now .

She’s an academician, PhD holder in a country women are relegated to the kitchen and she’s got the vibe you all would want. Not forgetting she’s a bilingual like my humble self.

Thank you Nwamaka for accepting to share your story.

Quick Question

What are the myths you heard about Natural Hair.

Nwamy: Well, my joining team natural was a personal decision so I was open to whatever I see in it, I handle it…..

For the myths…

  • It will be that keeping natural hair is expensive, and if you want your hair to grow, you must use certain products. I don’t think that is true….. keeping My hair now isn’t more expensive than when I kept a chemically straightened hair…..
  • Again, people say that natural hair doesn’t shed….But that’s a lie….natural hair also sheds and like crazy too.

(Talmabout it! My hair sheds enough to make a baby’s hair. Haq! Haq!! Haq!!! They don’t know).

  • This annoying one that natural hair grows better. Smh! Hair growth has more to do with a person’s genetic makeup and less of whether she keeps a natural hair or not……I have kept my natural hair for close to 2years and I can barely pack it up buh I have seen someone that within a year of keeping her own hair…it’s quite longer….

Qsn: How long have you been natural?

Nwamy: It’s up to 2 years and counting

Qsn: What’s your natural hair routine?

Nwamy: I braid my hair and when it’s not braided, I either twist my natural hair or weave it to enable me wear my wigs……oh, I wash it often because I have dandruff…..once in a while, I use wool to make my hair in order to help it straighten and grow.

Qsn: In your opinion Are there benefits of being team natural.

Nwamy: Well, personally, I love team natural….when I lock and twist it, it looks more beautiful on a team natural hair than the counterpart….I love the way the hair is full nd thick…..I just love it when I see someone pack different styles using their team natural hair and that was what made me go into keeping it too.

Qsn: Are you planning on leaving team natural anytime soon and if yes, why?

Nwamy: Nope….as long as it doesn’t affect my health status or psychological well-being……

Hahahaha spoken well as a psychologist you are. Mental health is essential in decision making.

Thank you so much for sharing your hair story.