One worry I have this year 2018 when it’s time for a new updo is washing and treating my hair. It’s usually a bitter-sweet period. Sweet because I would have a new style and bitter because the process is painful.

Caring for my natural hair could take up my Friday night and the whole of Saturday just because it is special like that just like the owner.

Well, that’s how I spent my last weekend. The process started from carefully and gently loosening up the braids on Friday night to masking it with self prepared mask concoction to washing off with these products and braiding it back.

My self prepared mask concoction varies and will be glad to share the content in next post but for this , I would like to share my natural hair care routine.Hair products The routine includes:

  • Dr Santé shampoo ( any shampoo could be used but I like this because it contains Argan, which aids growth ).
  • Hydrating Cleansing Shampoo ( I won this, 7 in 1 froyo milk and daily hydrating and soothing tea mix on velveteenyou Instagram giveaway some months back and they are cool, you guys should check out her page).
  • Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner ( this is my favourite for it leaves my hair soft and easy to comb. I literally have strong or what some xall hard texture that combing it can be a tussle).
  • Jamaican black castor oil ( has lots of benefits).
  • Oil mix up that comprises of Olive oil, normal castor oil, coconut oil, hair fertilizer, tea tree oil, carrot oil and almond oil.
  • Emily hair fertiliser.
  • Indian hemp hair cream( ever since I got in touch with it, I haven’t let go, you all should try it to see the effect).
  • Shea butter.

After braiding, everyday especially in the morning though sometimes at night before bed time, I apply “oil mix up” to my roots plus the hydrating tea mix. In so doing, it remains hydrated and “oily” till it’s time for another hair-do.

Been on this routine for almost 2 years and I can say the length has been paying off, so also the thickness with “correct” edges. Hoping to try out some other routines with time.

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