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World Malaria Day

I have come to realize that whenever malaria in mentioned anywhere outside Africa, it’s seen as a very deadly disease and I can’t help but laugh at this notion for if this is really true all Africans would have been long gone and there wouldn’t be any continent like African continent. I remember the day …

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ArterioVenous Malformation

Arteriovenous malformation is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins, bypassing the capillary system. It wasn’t until I blogged about Surviving Stroke that I knew how serious today’s topic is, infact there’s this Instagram account of someone I know from distance that is apparently a survivor and full of energy. With my whole yen yen chitchat about interest in a particular …

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I found out I have keloid formation tendencies during my big sister’s wedding. Oh no! I don’t want to remember it 😂😂😂. This was about twelve or fourteen years ago, we (my cousins and I) were carrying drinks from one point to another and unto some geh that her big sister was getting married traditionally, …

before you say I do
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Before You Say I do

Welcome back to my great world where I air my views, my opinions and as well open to rubbing minds together on some topics. Today’s topic is coming from few years of observation and volunteer work in different health institutions in regards to essentials before you say I do to your significant order. We all …

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Is it really Demon or Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis!!! Have you ever felt like you are being pressed down while asleep.You know those you are awake kinda sleep but you can’t speak up or move around and you feel an entity is in the room with you obviously trying to harm you😂😂.Eeeh you are permitted to pretend but as for Chimnaza MBA, …

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I have written this post, rescheduled and deleted several times for some reasons . Over time, seeing people who are always lively get withdrawn all of a sudden/after sometime or seeing people exude this unexplainable liveliness gets me thinking something might be wrong and of course something is/was wrong most times which brings about this …