Paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week 2021: Celebrities Outfits.

Paris fashion week 2021 started on the 28th September and ended on 6th October (just a week plus after Met Gala 2021) with a lot of exciting catwalks, fashion runways and fashion inspirations. The week’s event was graced by models and celebrities that brought their “A game”. Here are our favourite outfits from the Paris …

Agbada style

Agbada Styles for men

Just as Isiagu is synonymous to Igbo tribe so is Agbada style to the Yorubas. Though anyone can wear any of them irrespective of their tribe. Agbada can be said to be part of the yourba rich culture and the caps are worn on different side for the married men and another for the bachelors. …

Met Gala 2021
Fashion Classy

Met Gala 2021: Best Dressed Celebrities

Every year Met Gala is held 1st Monday in may. However this year 2021, the pandemic caused a couple of changes and it was held in the middle of fashion month; September 13th 2021. This event was held in its usual location; the metropolitan museum of art in New York, which had lots of celebrities …

Asoebi styles
Fashion Ankara Bridals

2021 Trending Asoebi Styles

Hi ladies, is it just me or has anyone noticed the new asoebi styles have corsets and it is beautiful. I thought it was the you know, follow come slim waist thingy until I looked close.  These ladies are getting cinched waist, using corsets… Phew! The creativity,  I like 😄 Funny as it may sound, …

Female agbada styles
Fashion Ankara Classy

Trendy Female Agbada styles

Agbada styles are naturally associated with men but seems like the females are taking over the narrative with these gorgeous female agbada styles and we are here for it. Scroll through and find your next agbada styles for Queens. Which style stood out for you? Tell us your favourite style, we are happy to know.  …

Senator designs for men
Fashion Classy

Trending Senator Designs for Men

With the growing interest in senator designs for men, there is no doubt it is the trending outfit and it is safe to say it is the outfit of the season. Here are the latest styles. Till next fashion inspired post, Kings stay slaying unprovoked.

Senator style

Senator Style Inspo For Men

Senator wear as it is fondly known in Nigeria is one “outfit” that every man should have even if it is one senator style. One can never go wrong with it, for it can be worn to almost everywhere and it is never footwear selective. While the female styles are fast becoming popular, the men …

Classy Women's suit
Fashion Classy

Classy Women’s Suits

So I didn’t realise how classy women’s suits are till it was time for graduation photoshoot. Hehe I was just imagining how I will look in some and even went to shopping mall to see if I can get one for myself but you know how it is with classy things, it gets finished in …

classy bridesmaids styles
Fashion Bridals

Classy Bridesmaids Styles

I am excited to be sharing these bridesmaids styles. Someone is about to get in the groove for weddings or at least I think since ending of the year is always about weddings and some more. Thinking of standing out classy as a bridesmaid then let’s get right into it. Hope one of these styles …

Fashion Ankara

Trending Asoebi Styles 2

Hey beautiful ladies before we look at these trending asoebi styles…. How are we all doing? Yea I know I have been off here for a minute. I can explain,  I got your emails and kind words. The beauty behind this blog has been “entangled” in/with a lot of things like Your fave is now …

Classy corporate wears
Fashion Classy

Classy corporate wears

Have I mentioned I am team classy any day anytime. There’s is this air that comes when you are classy and “baff up” in a classy way. After all the oyibo said you are addressed the way you dress so why not dress different, whether to work, church or meeting. Today’s post is for those …

African wedding styles
Fashion Ankara Classy

African wedding styles

Hey beauties… Errm I know it’s another Saturday by the corner and we have to represent effectively in that African event. We can’t be caught slipping so I am here to save the day as usual. You can thank me later as usually when you’ve been inspired or tried out these African wedding styles. Oh! …

Bridal hairstyles
Bridals Fashion

Trending Bridal Hairstyles

Hiya about to be wifeys… I know this is busy period and decided to share these bridal hairstyles to help ease up the struggle of toggling Google and social media for hairstyles. Haya!!! Still with me? Let’s continue on another post, do check other bridal posts . Link up for more on Instagram  Congratulations once …

Fashion Bridals

Latest Bridal Styles

Hey blog Fam, I come in peace with trending Bridal Styles.  Permit me to start with congratulations, I Chimnaza is really happy for you and wish you the best as you embark on this lifelong journey.  Yes I believe for you to be going through this post you are either planning a wedding or a …

Ankara Fashion

Isiagu Styles

Isiagu is an African wear peculiar to the Igbo tribe. It’s a beautiful material you can’t but fall in love at first feel of it. Disclaimer: I can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post at …

Wardrobe essentials for classy women
Fashion Classy

Wardrobe Essentials For Classy Women

Every Classy Woman out there deserves a Classy, Boss Girl Wardrobe and you “Milady” reading this post, you are a boss girl plus you are in the right boss girl environment. A bossy girl wardrobe might sometimes involve maxing out that card like I mentioned in Good Fashion does not come cheap blog post, some other times …

Ankara slay
Fashion Ankara

Ankara Slay Fashion

Hello ladies. How are we doing? Shall we continue our fashion talk from Ankara Look book 2, let’s look at ankara slay today. Enjoy the catalogue and keep up Slaying like Queen that you are. We’ve come to the end of today’s style post, hope one of the styles got your attention and now it’s …

Good fashion
Fashion Classy

Good Fashion doesn’t come cheap.

So yes you don’t have to break a bank to slay but if we can be honest, good stuffs including good fashion doesn’t come cheap. Let’s stop here so that you can come back for more. Stay classy and don’t forget to subscribe to this website for more.

Classy Fashion

Outfit inspo for Men and Women.

For some reasons I don’t know, seems like most of my blog posts are about fashion inspiration circling more around women and you wouldn’t blame me because I am a lady. So ladies first. Today’s blog post is brief Outfits inspo for both genders and believe you me, you don’t have to break a bank …

Ankara Fashion

African Styles for Owambe

This post is solely style inspiration and no style description. African style inspired! Enjoy!! Stay subscribed to this blog for more African style inspiration for owambe. You can as well purchase African materials to sew any of the above styles from Zanaposh. Xoxo❣❣

Classy Fashion

Classy Outfits

When classy is mentioned, a modest dressed up lady comes to most peoples mind. I for one admire classy ladies for their dressing and sure their intelligence .  Anyone could claim to be classy but class without brains and character definitely isn’t class. Today’s post is about the possible classy styles that could be worn …

Ankara Fashion

Ankara look book

Yeah! If you stay with me for 30 minutes or more, you will get to find out there are people close to my large heart and one of them is one “Rat” – called bestfriend . And she’s like, “Aunty Ankara, help me choose style for a long dress.  Thank you” Pipu of God, this …

Fashion Ankara

Ankara Styles

Ankara!!!! Ankara!!! In a bid to understand Ankara more, I just got to know that it’s the capital of Republic of Turkey and the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. Like wow!!! I never knew. Assuming you are like me, that whenever Ankara is mentioned,  you think of African print… Come let’s take a …

Ankara Fashion

Classy Ankara Styles

Owning Ankara material is very easy but deciding on topnotch classy ankara style to sew can be difficult atimes. For some individuals like myself, we have to browse through the internet or go back to sketchbook to bring our dreams to reality which of course takes a while making it seem like we don’t like …

Life update

Life Update

Hello fam. Super ashamed to acknowledge that I have been off this space for awhile now. Adult Life came at me with full speed and I have been trying to find balance hence this life update post. Been involved in a couple of things and I feel I owe you Queens and family members the …

Lifestyle Book Review Reviews


Americanah!!! A book I have read written by Chimamanda Adichie and a tenny weeny bit of me is of the unsolicited view it reflects/ reflected some parts of her life. For starters, Ifemelu’s blog mentioned in Americanah is still active till when this post was written, some of the blog posts quoted in the book …

Class of 2020 Medical Graduate

Latest Graduate

Yes!!! You read right, Class of 2020 M.D Graduate. (Does imaginary happy graduate dance). It’s been a long time coming, prayed for this day, believed it will come and worked towards it. A journey that started with “what do you want to be when you grow up”, a journey fuelled and inspired by life experiences, …


But I Know I Love You; Eclampsia Experience

No one ever prepares for the eventualities that come with pregnancy, we all hope that the women in our lives take in and give birth to our minis uneventful atleast not having Eclampsia. Pretty sure it was the same with the newlyweds that will be sharing their beautiful story today, sit back and get enlightened.It’s …

Health Men's Health Women's Health

World Malaria Day

I have come to realize that whenever malaria in mentioned anywhere outside Africa, it’s seen as a very deadly disease and I can’t help but laugh at this notion for if this is really true all Africans would have been long gone and there wouldn’t be any continent like African continent. I remember the day …