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Fun Facts about Ukraine

Hey blog fam! How are you all doing? Today’s post is a follow up of  Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine post  especially for my fellow tourists (yes I consider myself one atimes) who are planning on spending or visiting Ukraine this summer. Will start off with things you can do while in Ukraine beside touring and visiting the fun places Ukraine has to offer. Greet with a strong handshake along with direct eye contact. Well, this applies to all… Read More »Fun Facts about Ukraine

Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine

Ukraine is fast becoming one of the tourist countries and for someone who has spent some years out of her long years on earth in Ukraine, it is my pleasure to fill you in before you pay for that flight ticket to Ukraine this summer to visit cities like Kiev and others. As a foreigner in Ukraine, don’t do any of the following : Don’t Get a taxi or approach people who offer accommodation for rent waiting at the train… Read More »Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine

Christmas In Ukraine

I get asked almost every year since I left my awesome home country, what’s your Christmas plan and I have patiently tried explaining that we use different calendar here in Ukraine for instance Ukraine does not celebrate Christmas on 25th like the westerners but 13 days later which is on 7th of January every year. Hence I have a day being the 25th only as holiday and classes continue as normal but this year was suprisingly different in Ukraine universities… Read More »Christmas In Ukraine

2019 Birthday and Kiev Vacation.

Birthday story time!!! You know those semesters that students finish with ” aah this semester was stressful ” I think I just finished one. This session has been innit especially the second semester,  at some point especially the last week of it, I was literally crawling to finish up. We started exam April and I was like oh, maybe by the month of May we would be done with the academic session and I can comfortably plan my summer holiday… Read More »2019 Birthday and Kiev Vacation.

Favourite African (Igbo) Cuisine.

Allow me to Re-introduce myself😁😁. I am Chimnaza, from Eastern part of Nigeria who loves food(#foodie). Being African is  something I am so proud of  especially being Igbo. You don’t really need to stay very long with me before you realise I am Igbo. I so love my tribe that I don’t feel awkward speaking my language anytime I can and even get excited when I find another cute Igbo person around me. Like for me, it’s a license to… Read More »Favourite African (Igbo) Cuisine.