When We are healthy with no health worries of any sort like diarrhoea, We usually take it for granted not knowing what the good Lord has done for us. Well after this diarrhoea experience, I am ever grateful for sound health.

So brethren, yesterday I woke up feeling all good and decided to breakfast on my favourite dishΒ UkwaΒ before my morning lectures.

While microwaving the food, being hyperosmic in nature, I was perceiving unusual smell from the food but I spoke sense from I dunno where again to myself that it could be because it has stayed for sometime in my refrigerator and not that it has spoilt.

With that, I ate the food consoling myself that the food is small so the diarrhoea effect (if there will be any) will be small and I am near being late for classes to start preparing another food that morning. Meanwhile I am someone who never enjoys skipping breakfast, it’s a habit I formed long time ago.


Some minutes later, I felt this uneasiness and smiled to myself that this can’t be happening for I have a lot to do . I hurriedly packed enough tissue plus wipes for the unforseen but expected diarrhoea and off to school I went.

On my way to class my village people were asking me to choose how I want to be disgraced throughΒ diarrhoea: whether in the train station, on the way while walking, in class or they be nice in the convenience. I rebuked them that disgrace isn’t my portion and they can do nada, quoting the scriptures I knowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, you know I got to exercise those spiritual powers I was told on Sunday that I have .

First class lecture and I had it under control but immediately I left the class room, first destination before the next class was to restroom. I felt this temporary relief and hurried off to next class while thinking of what I can snack on to help the situation. I remembered that eating solid kind of something helps alongside banana and this I did. I bought digestive biscuit with no water and told myself las las few hours of constipation will help.

Snacking on these couldn’t help much for before second class period I was hurrying down to hospital restroom again and that’s where I thought about all the nosocomial infections I could get from my visits to hospital restroom, I thought of the food and of course what next could happen with my situation.

End of the class for the day, I left and was happy that my village people didn’t win, my prayer was answered but how was I to know that wasn’t the end. Close to last train station stop to my house area, the inconvenience started again o and I remembered I had told someone I will meet her when I come out from the train. Being someone who will try to be fair with my promises, I felt bad I was going to disappoint because I was ready to fly to my house when the train stops without waiting for anyone.

You know that line commonly used ” it’s a thing of the mind” I tried controlling my mind for sometime atleast to buy time to see the person and yea it worked but immediately after that, my system reminded me that I have used up my chances.

diarrhoea run

People of God, this is how I was running on glassy snow, not minding I could slip and fall and that will be it for me. Some steps to my house, I couldn’t hold it again, I started quoting all the scriptures I know about help in times of need, all the He won’t let me be disgraced, all the I am God’s chosen and I am quite sure if the blood of Jesus wasn’t endless, unlimited,Β I probably had exhausted my quota for a life time for I was sprinkling and saying blood of Jesus more than I can remember.

In my building, I literally jumped the stairs and when I got into my house convenience without changing into something homey, It happened πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£, it was there I realised being healthy and alive has been God. Thanked him for not letting His daughter be disgraced publicly.


Cleaned up and slept like an exhausted Deer till late into the night. Didn’t realise diarrhoea situation could be exhausting.

You know when We medical students are asked symptoms of a disease or illness, we are fast to include fatigue, weakness… yea I experienced it first hand and I can comfortably write them as symptoms in my next exam.

The aim of this diarrhoea post is just to remind you that health is wealth and If you are this wealthy, thank your creator. He alone fights and keeps you healthy.

As for me, I will always appreciate the fact I am healthy and not take it for granted.

Hope I made you laugh with my unpleasant situation. Please don’t be like me, whenever you feel something isn’t okay for consumption please don’t eat, no matter how late you are to a place or meeting or work. Instead go hungry or snack on the way later. It’s better than suffering from diarrhea for you can be unlucky and complications can arise.

With this I say thank you for staying glued to this website. If you haven’t subscribed, kindly do and you won’t regret it for there’s something for everyone.

see you in next non- diarrhoea post.