Outfit inspo for Men and Women.

For some reasons I don’t know, seems like most of my blog posts are about fashion inspiration circling more around women and you wouldn’t blame me because I am a lady. So ladies first.

Today’s blog post is brief Outfits inspo for both genders and believe you me, you don’t have to break a bank for these.

While we scroll through this post, would like to mention other ways to get outfit inspiration which are:

  1. Movies: Movies are one of the places I get outfit inspiration from, I can be pretty observant to details like stitches and colour combinations. So the next time you are watching movies whether in the comfort of your home or the cinemas, be inspired. 
  2. Magazines. I used to keep magazines but with the advent of online magazines like vogue I don’t anymore. I just search online magazines and I am good to go, so you are welcome to do so.
  3. Runways: As of when this post was written, I have only been to few runways for relaxation purposes and yes your outfit inspos can equally come from there.
  4. Style Blogs
  5. Catalogs
  6. TV Shows.


Outfit inspo

For me, the pumps got my attention more but yea it’s classy and work like.


If you are a Nigerian or have been following Nigeria trends you would know about the face in the next few pictures.

I got to know about his existence when he broke abi caused internet sensation with one well sown agenda. It really reigned atleast for quite a while.

Been following his trend ever since then and can say that whatever he wears, he slays in them.

But this slay comes from his work outs. I mean to keep this body the way it is, some gym workouts has to be there with appropriate eating patterns.

I admire his dress sense and fashion and will say, his tailors are good mehn.

Take the next few seconds to zoom in and out , view the details of the wears.

With the right body, we all can slay.

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Till next post✌.

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