This is one personal blog post as a blogger I have thought over and over again if I should really write or not but as a friend suggested consider it my own little way of giving back to my awesome 100k plus site readers as a blogger.

You all have been amazing and supportive of this girl even in her clueless moments.

Back in October before I wrote my first blog post Classy Ankara Styles I had one thing in mind: Creating an extra source of income aka Making money from blog and if you know me really well, you will know I wouldn’t go into something that is time consuming if there’s anything in there for me. Time is money!

I had this plan of making my 2019 summer packed up plan money from blogging and hence the rebirth of this blog after having started it initially 2016 like I mentioned in Simple Steps on how to create a blog and Guide on how to choose the best blogging platform.

Did I make the target?

Lol, I wish!


I wish I knew the things I know now as a blogger and the seriousness of blogging if I really wanted to cash out like they advertised on pinterest. Pinterest and giving  “unrealistic” hope to bloggers.

I wish I was told all or some of what I am about to tell you before I started blogging and I would like to use this medium to answer some questions I have been asked via email and personally as a blogger.

Blogging isn’t easy and you can’t make millions in 3 months from it especially if you are starting off as amateur like I started off as.

Those pin interest pins of “how I made 6000 dollars in 1 month etc are scams, click baits and not true. Time wasters especially to beginner blogger.

Blogging just like vlogging is

Time consuming :

Sitting down hours to write good contents isn’t a child’s play. It requires editing for grammatical errors, SEOs, use of words that keeps your audience glued to your blog or YouTube channel.

Sometimes it requires deep thinking on what is captivating to your audience which is why I would recommend bloggers to have a notepad always ready and handy for anytime the inspiration comes and hopefully come 2020 I will be alittle more intentional and personal in my blogging.

Initially I would always say Zanaposh when you get to a convenient place write down these words that just popped in but truthfully 50% of the time I forget and would only remember a phrase or line after some days and trying to recall most of that inspiration isn’t always easy and that’s how the topic would be gone. A painful  lesson I learnt as a blogger.

It’s equally time consuming if you have to transcribe a guest blog post or an interview kind of post like I did in What they never told you about Natural Hair.

Time consuming in getting quality pictures for those that use their personal pictures as against this almost anonymous blogger who doesn’t really like camera in her face.

A little Expensive

To run a quality blog even when you have great content is expensive to an extent. Before I took up courses and extensive read ups about creating a blog and blogging, I paid for blog services and still paying for some courses.

Even after creating blog, I paid for domain and hosting platform Bigscoots  for which you can do the same to get a discounted price by clicking on the Link plus free first year domain and site security.


With a reliable hosting platform there comes the issue of great themes but you can start like me using free good themes and upgrade later.

I remember spending a particular month’s pocket money on blog matter and my mum was like “Chi …” I am sure for her, she was wondering what could make me go that extra but God was faithful and I was fine that month though I can’t remember how I pulled through effortlessly.


When I talk about hard work, I am referring to long hours spent on content creation . Sometimes,  I work into hours but the good news is that you can work into hours to create/ write a couple of post and schedule it to be posted later like I do all the time unapologetically.

Whenever I have alittle free time like I do now as of when I was writing this post, I try to write and schedule upto 3 weeks post- 1 post per week as against when I started that I was posting atleast twice a week or more.

Honestly being at the top especially on pinterest requires dedication, perseverance, patience and alot more.

Truthfully you require thick skin at first. Initially and honestly my traffic wasn’t great and I always wondered what I wasn’t doing right.

I would read up other bloggers story of how great their traffic is and I would feel low atimes. The one wrong thing I did was comparing with other great bloggers when I started and I am telling you first hand, don’t do it.

Give it time and your blog will grow, you can admire them and guest blog if you can but never compare yourself to/with them as a newbie blogger.

Nevertheless, there are good sides to blogging and if you are like me that initially started off with the mindset of making some cash then relax you can but with time.

I mean if I can, so can you too but don’t ask me how much yet for I would honestly not like to entertain the question yet till I hit my goal.

There are definitely people out there hitting six figures from blogging but believe me, the six figures didn’t start rolling in immediately they started and you too can make six figures and more from it as a student.

Yes, some months into blogging I had my first paid advert on my blog and it wasn’t that bad, it as well encouraged me to continue that awesome people and companies out there are seeing what I am doing.

Just one day I will blog about “How I grew my traffic and my email subscribers after bullying some friends and families of mine to subscribe to my blog, or should I even blog about it and send it personally as a gift to anyone that subscribes to my blog from now till end of 2019?


Same time I would equally blog with all happiness how you can make money from blogging, just stay subscribed to this and be among the first to get notified when the blog is up especially for students that are interested in having side hustles.

However my appreciation goes to the following for supporting this amateur blogger.

  • Family and friends that I bullied initially to subscribe to my blog when I started.  Unu agbalia, gosi na unu bu ndi eji eje mba.
  • To those that discouraged me which is important for anyone interested in starting up a blog, you might be discouraged by some people. Don’t worry you will be fine just like Chimnaza, keep pushing.
  • To the awesome 37k plus readers all over the world. You make blogging easy.
  • To new subscribers,  you are welcome.

The next time, your friend or family member starts up a blog or YouTube channel show support by subscribing to their blog or YouTube channel, sharing their links. Thats on free easy way to support a blogger.

It’s the least you can do to encourage them for there are alot of things bloggers go through to give you something to make you happy and don’t forget if they blow you too have blown.

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