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Best civil wedding outfit
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10+ Best Civil Wedding Outfits for Brides.

As a classy bride to be, you have alot to sort out including civil wedding outfit especially if you are planning on having civil wedding, well we are here to help by sharing these best civil wedding outfits we’ve seen so far. congratulations Queen and we hope you see a style that gets your attention . Check for more beautiful civil wedding styles on 20 Best Stylish Civil Wedding Attires and follow us on Instagram @ _Zanaposh for more. 

Summer Nail colours
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Best Nail Designs To Be Rocked This Summer.

Summer seem to be actively bringing out the creativity in nail artists for these nail designs are gorgeous. The addition of stones distinguished it from the regular summer nails and the choice of colour? It’s a yes! It could be stoneless but not boring to look at. still with me? there’s something about French tips nail design, and the fact it blends with any colour makes it unique. Follow on Instagram @_Zanaposh for more.

Summer nail colours
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Beautiful Summer Nail colours and designs.

Summer is here and not just to go on vacations but a season to spice up our hair and nails with beautiful summer nail colours. It should be a crime to have boring nails this period and to think things have morphed to stick on nails, what then is the reason for chapped up nails. Find the one design the gets your attention and pamper those gorgeous fingernails of yours. While shouting summer body down the road, include summer nails on point too. Stay connected with us on Instagram @_zanaposh for more.

Feedin braids
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Would You Try any of these 10+ Feedin Braids This Summer?

Favourite season of the year is here and a Black girl’s hair is about to summer slay with feedin braids.  Summer is a season we are free from wearing heavy clothes and covering up hair. It’s time to show off what we’ve got. I mean in a good way though and as a black girl,our hair never caught un-fresh this period. Though most go for braids, some opt for crotchet hairstyles but our hair gets to slay amongst other things. So what’s your feedin braids style this season?  Have you decided or should we help? Umm well we are helping,we …

Civil wedding outfit
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20 Best Stylish Civil Wedding Attires

Civil wedding has been around for a long time but recently the brides are pressing necks with the outfits that it is becoming a norm to have plan for civil wedding outfit. Though civil wedding has been around for a long while, it wasn’t done except there was really a need for it like travelling from one country to another.  Today it has become part of the wedding events that some churches in Nigeria now have to ask for civil wedding certificate before they can join two individuals together as a couple. Civil wedding is a non religious legal wedding …


AMVCA8: The Celebrities that understood the assignment.

AMVCA, an abbreviation for African Magic Viewers Choice Awards is an award event held yearly in Nigeria and for the first time, this year AMVCA was an 8 days event that ended yesterday the 14th of May 2022. It’s an event that who is who in entertainment industry especially Nollywood endeavours to attend and the awards are usually the icing on the cake for to be honest it gives a fashion eventvibe masked in Awards. It’s safe to safe It’s a big event that it even got featured on BBC. This year made it the 8th time the AMVCA has …