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Paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week 2021: Celebrities Outfits.

Paris fashion week 2021 started on the 28th September and ended on 6th October (just a week plus after Met Gala 2021) with a lot of exciting catwalks, fashion runways and fashion inspirations. The week’s event was graced by models and celebrities that brought their “A game”. Here are our favourite outfits from the Paris …

Agbada style

Agbada Styles for men

Just as Isiagu is synonymous to Igbo tribe so is Agbada style to the Yorubas. Though anyone can wear any of them irrespective of their tribe. Agbada can be said to be part of the yourba rich culture and the caps are worn on different side for the married men and another for the bachelors. …

Met Gala 2021
Fashion Classy

Met Gala 2021: Best Dressed Celebrities

Every year Met Gala is held 1st Monday in may. However this year 2021, the pandemic caused a couple of changes and it was held in the middle of fashion month; September 13th 2021. This event was held in its usual location; the metropolitan museum of art in New York, which had lots of celebrities …

Asoebi styles
Fashion Ankara Bridals

2021 Trending Asoebi Styles

Hi ladies, is it just me or has anyone noticed the new asoebi styles have corsets and it is beautiful. I thought it was the you know, follow come slim waist thingy until I looked close.  These ladies are getting cinched waist, using corsets… Phew! The creativity,  I like 😄 Funny as it may sound, …

Female agbada styles
Fashion Ankara Classy

Trendy Female Agbada styles

Agbada styles are naturally associated with men but seems like the females are taking over the narrative with these gorgeous female agbada styles and we are here for it. Scroll through and find your next agbada styles for Queens. Which style stood out for you? Tell us your favourite style, we are happy to know.  …

Senator designs for men
Fashion Classy

Trending Senator Designs for Men

With the growing interest in senator designs for men, there is no doubt it is the trending outfit and it is safe to say it is the outfit of the season. Here are the latest styles. Till next fashion inspired post, Kings stay slaying unprovoked.