Fashion is Being unique and it starts with you and I. Stand out with your signature.

Posting about fashion ideas on this blog isn’t limiting to weddings and casual but to celebrities that dressed up well in recognized occasions.

It will cut across to gala functions, mets, owambe, classy Outfits and styles.

It’s for the non conventional women that sewed clothes with complete materials and not insufficient material situations.

Bridal hairstyles

Trending Bridal Hairstyles

Hiya about to be wifeys… I know this is busy period and decided to share these bridal hairstyles to help ease up the struggle of toggling Google and social media for hairstyles. Haya!!! Still with me? Let’s continue on another post, do check other bridal posts . Link up for more on Instagram  Congratulations once again. With 💓❤💓 Xoxo…

classy bridesmaids styles

Classy Bridesmaids Styles

I am excited to be sharing these bridesmaids styles. Someone is about to get in the groove for weddings or at least I think since ending of the year is always about weddings and some more. Thinking of standing out classy as a bridesmaid then let’s get right into it. Hope one of these styles got your attention.  Looking to share some more with time Till next fashion post, follow on Instagram Posh Weddings

Classy Women's suit

Classy Women’s Suits

So I didn’t realise how classy women’s suits are till it was time for graduation photoshoot. Hehe I was just imagining how I will look in some and even went to shopping mall to see if I can get one for myself but you know how it is with classy things, it gets finished in time. ENJOY AND BE INSPIRED TO OWN ONE The great thing about these wears is that they can be worn with both snickers and heels.… Read More »Classy Women’s Suits

Trending Bridal Styles

Latest Bridal Styles

Hey blog Fam, I come in peace with trending Bridal Styles.  Permit me to start with congratulations, I Chimnaza is really happy for you and wish you the best as you embark on this lifelong journey.  Yes I believe for you to be going through this post you are either planning a wedding or a bride yourself hence the congratulations.  I do know that, period like this is usually mixed up with alot of emotions and stress, hoping this post… Read More »Latest Bridal Styles

Ankara slay

Ankara Slay Fashion

Hello ladies. How are we doing? Shall we continue our fashion talk from Ankara Look book 2, let’s look at ankara slay today. Enjoy the catalogue and keep up Slaying like Queen that you are. We’ve come to the end of today’s style post, hope one of the styles got your attention and now it’s time to sew. Below are my recommendations where you can access material, looking forward to sharing more styles.  Till next style post, keep up Ankara… Read More »Ankara Slay Fashion

Best Perfume: a guide and difference

Best Perfume : A guide and Difference

I have long wanted to finish up writing this post but it never happened till now just because my best Perfume list keeps updating all the time.  My interest in perfume must have kicked in during high school probably due to the fact I am hyperosmic and just maybe because I sweat alot plus I could throw up if I inhaled unpleasant smell. Overtime, I have come to realise everyone isn’t hyperosmic Chimnaza and have adjusted to the point I… Read More »Best Perfume : A guide and Difference