Birthday story time!!!

You know those semesters that students finish with ” aah this semester was stressful ” I think I just finished one.

This session has been innit especially the second semester,  at some point especially the last week of it, I was literally crawling to finish up.

We started exam April and I was like oh, maybe by the month of May we would be done with the academic session and I can comfortably plan my summer holiday for June, July, August and had it happened,  it would be the first complete summer holiday we would be having.

A full 3 MONTHS!!!

That’s alot of time to relax but MBA students decide, university has the final say and that’s how we got into the month of June still writing exams down to my birthday-18th of June.

I sat for my last semester exam on my birthday. Normal people enjoy their birthdays yearly, unique lady like me writes exam yearly on my birthday.

Gotten used to it though for it’s either I have exam that day or a day after or two days after, making it impossible to have fun because I will have to be studying for the exams.

You can imagine my joy when I sat for the last exam,  meant no more studying and I could as well have my short summer holiday but first I need to have girls night out with my friends on my birthday.

We ate and had sports bike ride which one of my friends did and horse ride which I took part in.

Initially I was a little scared, what if the horse throws me out and I get injured like we see in some social media clips but after a few minutes I got relaxed and enjoyed the ride.


Birthday  horse riding

It was a cool ride and I would like to try it out again lol .

We did some other playful stuffs and before we could say Jack it was really late and I have to get home hoping to pack my back pack to travel….

For where?

I slept off and missed morning train and another ticket ???.

As if I knew, I had a back up ticket reserved should I miss the first two and that’s the one I ended up travelling with.

Got into train and they were saying something like I need to get a type of stamp from counter and it wasn’t funny for the train was a minute to leave, one offered to help and I finally joined the moving ugbo but the attendant became lowish racist, refusing to give me bed sheets .

Went to meet her and asked why, she wasn’t having any of it and was speaking fast.

I wasn’t even in the mood to have the conversation,  all I wanted was to sleep through out the journey for I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Realising I wouldn’t be exchanging words, she calmed down and gave me the sheets and bam that’s how I slept a major part of the journey for the remaining I used it to look for daily rent on .

Found one slept again but the wonderful weather won’t let my night be great, was sweating and the A.c wasn’t working.  Asked receptionist in the morning if it could be fixed before day end and she said no, I asked for refund for the nights I hadn’t slept in and she was okay with it.

It’s called vacation for a reason and ain’t planning on spending half of it drying sweat.

Dressed up and started touring the city – Kiev.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and I must say a beautiful city with very friendly people compared to where I was coming from.

They have more English Speakers than I anticipated and are willing to help show you around if you ask.

On the first day I didn’t remember to take pictures of the beautiful scenes I saw but the subsequent days I took pictures especially of my visit to the 2nd biggest plaza in Kiev – Ocean Plaza.

It’s a plaza that houses a lot of shops owned by big companies like Mark’s and Spencer, Michael Kors,  Adidas, Reserved,  Respect Yourself, Citrus, House, Collins and some other cool companies.

A huge complex with clean air inside and I think most of the shops there are automated.

Beneath it, there are eateries like KFC, McDonalds and some other restaurants that I can’t remember their names especially one that the cost of packaging is more than the food but the packaging is what I think I paid for.

I took my time and ate in 3 restaurants before starting my shopping tour???.

Yea! Life of a foodie.

The first was one eatery that I can’t remember their name. I got in and their respectful waiter gave me menu, as I was flipping through to see if there’s a food I know the name or picture, I was looking at their price and laughing in my head like enyi you guys, your food had better be big.

Started with Almond milk for anything Almond is my to go before any other thing because of the benefits of almond.

It finished in one gulp and I was wondering how, why then I checked the quantity from the menu- 50ml . Didn’t know whether to cry or not, just patiently waited for my  next order hoping it will be big.

Lo and behold,  it was this.

Invariably,  I paid for packaging than the food. I had to start checking for other places I could get a good meal maka this didn’t do anything to my hungry stomach.

Well, I could not get another restaurant for it was literally same kind or similar food menu and had to settle for chocolate milk shake from Macdonald.

And I will like to say, Macdonald makes the best milk shake and mcflurry. It’s no sponsored advert but from a customer’s point of view and I don’t know about their other products for these two are all I take and buy from them.

And my shopping tour started, though I couldn’t get more than a bag and sandals for the wears were either handless or too short as per tall girl that I am?.

Got tired and on my way out, stopped at their food court for this.

I knew it wouldn’t taste like Nigerian jollof rice but still didn’t mind. All I wanted was anything beside burger and pizza.


It wasn’t so bad though I wondered what the lumps of tomato you can see was for.

I had opportunity to visit a few other places that I didn’t take pictures of before I left kiev.

Generally,  I would say kiev is a beautiful city in Ukraine and was grateful I had a mini gateway vacation there.

Hoping to visit again some time later and would not forget to take enough pictures of cool places I would stop at.

If you ever get to kiev, visit the museums, ocean plaza and the cathedral.  They are fun, beautiful attractive sites to go to.

P.s: this post is long overdue, was contemplating whether I should post it or not for my birthday was on 18th June and took the week after it as birthday week.

Till my next birthday post, have fun and enjoy the summer.