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Jack Ma

Jack Ma was in My School : V.N Karazin Kharkov National University Ukraine!!!
Just in case you don’t who he is, Jack Ma is the founder of Famous Aliexpress a Subsidiary of Alibaba company.

It was today it dawned on me that somethings don’t need serious publicity or conviction and I just found out one of the things that can make me to cancel all schedule for the day abruptly.

Just incase I wake up some day and I am tired of medicine, you will find me here for when I was planning my day activity on Thursday I never knew I will be attending Jack Ma’s lecture that day.

After class I checked my WhatsApp to reply some chats and that’s when I saw that Jack Ma will be giving lecture in 2 hours 30 minutes time from when I saw the message at 12noon .

I was initially deliberating should I go or shouldn’t, so I left my options open and decided if I can finish up some things in time, I will pop in before going home and see what’s going on and if the lecture will be delivered in English I can sit for few minutes .

This is how your home girl ended up going for Jack Ma lecture and do I regret it?  Nah Fam! I would attend the lecture again and again. I got there 30 minutes late, thinking the lecture had started,was surprised that it hadn’t and decided to join the hall filled to the brim with set of lovely people from across the world waiting for his arrival.

He came dressed simply in Ash coloured pullover on a blue jean in a sneaker I couldn’t see label of the company. Such Simplicty !!!

Jack Ma -Alibaba CEO in Kharkov Uk

In one country I know and in one Continent I know, the wealthy wear name filled bling bling clothes and footwears plus heavy stones on the wrist, neck etc in the name of expensive jewelry.

Sometimes I wonder how they  survive with sweat and load from these stones/ jewelries they wear but shaa its not my business and it shall not be.

Amen? (Ain’t shading any company)
To the few minutes lecture that Jack Ma gave, it only confirmed what I read from a book, the rich think different from others and alike among themselves (no wonder I have been thinking different, errm so I am on my way to being rich, so ngwanu y’all prepare we are all about to be rich together).

He started with expressing his happy emotion of being in the country for the first time and the first city he visited was my city, my school and he answered a couple of questions thrown at him before he was taken away.

When he was asked ” What is a happiness for you” ( please I am not trying to shade anyone but I am currently in a non English speaking country so some questions shaa)

Well, Jack Ma understood the question and said ” His Happiness is when he sees his people, the people that work in his company happy that he is happy as well”, when he sees his Alibaba users happy, when they are happy he is equally happy”.

Money according to him isn’t what makes him happy neither is it name or fame or power, infact to him when you are too famous it is a disaster but it’s the people you like, when they are happy you are happy.

He got asked “what is the most important lesson in his life that he’s learnt”

In his words, Jack Ma answered “being optimistic. He continued by saying “I have met interesting people, interesting scientists, interesting politicians and I have found successful people, they have some very interesting things we share similar” (in my head , yass we successful people have some interesting things we share similar)

  • First, we are optimistic, we always believe in the future , we believe in people, we believe in young people.
  • Second, we never complain. We let other people complain, for the opportunity to excel is in their complaints . If you can solve the complaints, you will have chance.( a good point to reflect on).
  • Don’t give up! Try again and again and again. He said he’s had people say Jack, you are lucky but he doesn’t see it that way for he and his people have made alot of mistakes , they have had so much troubles than we can ever imagine but never gave up.
  • They went back, slept, woke up and tried again until they succeeded . That when people say they succeeded and won in one  night,  it’s not true and it’s only seen in movies. Real life is by hardwork, trusting people,being optimistic and figure out for tomorrow.

You can’t blame your home girl who has been out of in the know, I didn’t know Jack Ma had retired until he was asked, upon his retirement, will he still be controlling the company and he said he thinks young people can do better for Alibaba than he did, so he is stepping down to encourage the young people. Nevertheless he can still do things that the young people cannot do.

Jack Ma went further to say he wants to help train young people and support the women entrepreneurs (somebody should help link me to him oo, I am a woman and an entrepreneur as well).

Jack Ma’s lecture came to an end with him saying “Boys,  girls the world is changing, we are entering into the digital period that no one has ever tried before and this digital technology will create lots of jobs but are you fit for the jobs that will be created? (Which calls for daily improvement in our lives)

He said we are always saying we are busy but are we? He buttressed his point by saying his grandfather worked for 18 hours a day for 7days a week in the field-he was very busy and visited about 3 countries in his lifetime, his generation that includes me we work for 8 hours per day for 5 days a week and we feel very busy and may/will visit 30 countries in our lifetime (talmabout going to school 5 days a week and I feel very busy and stressed), our children will probably work 3 hours per day for 3 days a week and they will yen yen saying they are very busy plus maybe visit atleast 300 countries in their lifetime . I think his point was “are we productively busy?

There are lots of opportunities but we have to be human like and not machine like. If we want to remember fast and more, calculate fast ?

Machine can do that and even better, the difference will be we doing things that machine can’t do and believe you me that hit a nerve. However don’t worry about the future, worry about ourselves and you will be fine.

It was indeed worth “my popping in and see what’s happening” time and I am glad I was present to listen to him give lecture.

Now, let me go practice what I heard and learnt from Jack Ma on Zanaposh .

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