I didn’t realise the seriousness of having a skin care routine till summer 2019 when I visited my big sister and if you are wondering how I have stayed aloof all this skin care drama till summer 2019 then relax I was hit by skin issues from time to time but I never bothered because I was trying to avoid Skin Cancer same time being Brown Skin Girl .

However, I tried avoiding every meal, product that causes me to have acne breakout or any skin issue and I will like to point out before you delve deep into this post that I have never been skin product conscious but there are basic things I use to keep this skin ageless/flawless beside the gene (allow me to be vain small ).

Growing up, from time to time I had acne breakouts and if you are Nigerian, you would know that the first product to use would be visita or visita plus or even funbact A which leaves your face fairer than the rest of your body But I didn’t mind as long as it clears it off but you know na, after sometime it will come back.

I wasn’t really so much always concerned about it but I have this friend who was concerned and assumed it as her duty to burst my pimples and remove those small not fully formed clogged pores on my face especially my nose area.

Oh I have oily and interesting face that turns red, peely after she’s done with my face plus black marks that end up on the face somehow and I will have to find a way to remove them .

This was my year to year story since I left high school till I graduated from university and again left my country. She would chat and call me from time to time to ask what I have been doing to my face and I will laugh because girl I did nada other than change environment and soap.

lol, you read right: environment and soap. Initially, I would pride in using expensive soaps I got from supermarkets with various lofty claims written behind them as the wonders the soap will do to my body little did I know all na wash.

On leaving my beautiful country and coming to terms that I can’t have access to those soaps anymore I decided to find one which would do the skin wonders. I changed soap like it was a norm for each one I tried made my matter worse plus I always felt my once oily face was becoming too dry and ashy.

This continued till I tried Dove Soap (this is no way a sponsored post ) but these are my favourites and to think you can find them easily in any local store or drug store close to you and online is amazing.

I had breakouts when I changed soaps to try out someone’s recommendation or travelled without any or slept outside my house but it’s important to mention that

if you have the best skin care routine with dirty bed sheets, it’s a flop.

Even with minimal routine plus clean bed sheets, your skin will glow hence dearies keep that sheet clean, atleast change sheets every two weeks except there’s a special case where changing it more frequently is required.

Beside the soap, I got to change my cream too and so far only two creams have this sensitive special skin of mine accepted and they are

So shall we talk about my routine which has the aim to protect my skin during the day and repair it from any damage in the evening.

In the morning because I have no time for morning shenanigans, I stick to using just dove soap but first wet and apply it on my face before bathing so that by the time I am rinsing off, it would have been absorbed for some minutes. On coming out of the bathroom, I apply the above mentioned cream every other place on my body except my face. For my face I use bio oil for now and a little bit of Johnson’s baby oil which I equally added and mixed together with my body cream.

Once I buy a new body cream, I pour substantial quantity of Johnson’s baby oil into the cream.

At night, although not every night I do my shenanigan starting off with Teatree Witch Hazel foaming face wash I got from Boots Uk, bathe with Dove and apply glycerin and rosewater I equally got from boots UK but if you are paraben conscious then I recommend you don’t go for the glycerin and rosewater. 

However these are the recommendations I got from dermatologists that I will be using once these ones I got from UK gets finished since I can’t access them easily for there’s no boots where I am currently. 

In addition to the above, some Saturdays I do face mask either DIY face mask or I use fask masks purchased from stores.

For my DIY face mask, it’s egg white and thin ply of tissue on my face, allowing it to stay for some minutes then removing the tissue gently pulling out black heads. This is followed by warm water rinse off of my face and applying vaseline or baby oil.

Would equally mention that when I have access to shea butter, I use it with nothing else on my body (face- feet) and my skin feels better but darker and kinda shea butter smell. However for sometime now, I haven’t had access to shea butter and so far skincare has been all I wrote.

With all mentioned, that’s all my skin care routine for now till it gets changed but I will like to add a guide to choosing products according to New York Times courtesy of Dr. Nazarian.

For Moisturiser 

My Skin Care Routine

For Facial Cleanser

I hope with these when you try them out, your skin will be okay like mine and I forgot to mention that I always have hand cream in my bag to soften my palms and for every after handwashing.

Would like to read your own skin care routine if it is entirely different from mine and your recommendations as well.

Till my next post, Stay glowing…

Xoxo, Chimnaza