On a good weather day in January, during an evening sit-in, a very good friend of mine recommended I watch this movie: concussion.

He was surprised that I haven’t seen the movie or know anything about the brain behind the movie, probably because of the way I am so into my tribe and He-the author being from my tribe with area of specialization in areas I have got interest in.

I would admit that initially the movie started off looking boring that I must have paused it a couple of times before I got to the interesting part of the movie.

On getting to the interesting part of the movie, I decided to review it with my one cent opinion and ofcourse due to the amazing support I got on LionHeart Movie and Crazy Rich Asians Movie .



I would start off with, I am not particularly sure I was impressed with how Will Smith was trying to imitate Nigerian accent in concussion.

For me, it sent a different and a wrong vibe. While I would admit we all have different accents different from others, it’s definitely not the way he sounded with it.

He trying to imitate Dr. Omalu, a seasoned Nigerian doctor as someone with no much life outside medicine, it might be the script but chill Nigerian doctors are live of anywhere they are found. We definitely have live outside our profession.

Secondly I do love the fact that his wife was in the know of every nity grity concerning his work, research and ordeal with NFL.

She supported him all through, did I mention I liked when she answered “tell them what’s really happening” to Dr. Omalus question of he doesn’t know what to tell them. She was indeed his support system through the heat.

Oh my oh my! They really got on my nerves each time, they addressed him as Mr. Omalu.

Hey you! that man has got degrees. He worked hard for them, so accrue him respect of adding Dr. To his name even though you don’t believe he is one of you.

I find it funny when white supremacist ascribe African doctors as voodoo doctors. For all you know, we are smart and not backwards the way you project us to be all the time.

Good things still come out from Africa and we definitely don’t live in huts like one individual thinks we do.

Fourth highlight for me would be when all who never believed in the outcome of his research because of their pocket benefits started believing in the research.

I understand you want to secure the bag all the time but let your conscience be clear as you do that. Have open mind for development and criticism. I couldn’t help but smile whenever they either start hearing voices or losing it.

Just because it hasn’t gotten to you yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist neither does it give you right to turn a blind eye to it. Relax, it will get to you soon.

Fifth would be the two fellows that stuck with him. The bald boss and resigned NFL that felt guilty all the time.

It goes a long way to say even in chaos, un-truthfulness, there are still people that know the truth and would stand by it even if they will get hurt.

I mean, I saw that Bald boss hurt coming but the charges levelled against him were ridiculous and surely laughable. It was a relief when the charges against him were finally dropped.

Six that heightened it for me would be when he turned down the big Washington offer. Sometimes not all gifts are good, ability to know when to say no is important no matter how mouth savouring it is.

For me, it was a case of “eeh let’s gift him this to bring him into the circle” .

Seventh would be despite not being comfortable with the accent projected, will Smith did a good job in projecting that we Africans actually speak calmly and not hoarsly. We equally understand what’s happening which was his reply in most case.

Do I recommend this movie ?

Yes, especially to IMGS. It’s sure motivational and inspiring, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to even without attending world classified Ivy schools.

Thinking about it, the two neuro experts that are on my look up list in this profession of ours have a thing for “slow-quiet music” inorder to achieve their best and I am beginning to feel comfortable with myself .

For some reason I don’t have explanation to, I am in my comfort zone whenever I am busy with quiet, soul ministering, slow songs playing at the background.

I work efficiently on Zanaposh my ecommerce site or compiling research work when songs are playing at the background.

Since 1st January 2020, my work playlist comprises but not limiting to the following

Refiner by Chandler Moore and Steffany

All that Matters by GUC

Excess Love by Mercy Chinwo and JJ Hairston

You are my strength   by Miranda Curtis

These songs and anyother YouTube recommends plays till I am done with whatever it is I am doing at that  moment.

Before this blog post is ended a brief about CTE that was discovered by Dr. Bennett Omalu which was portrayed in this movie: Concussion.


According to wikipedia Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head injuries. Symptoms may include behavioral problems, mood problems, and problems with thinking.

Symptoms typically do not begin until years after the injuries. CTE often gets worse over time and can result in dementia.

Symptoms of CTE, which occur in four stages, generally appear eight to ten years after an individual experiences repetitive mild traumatic brain injuries.

Most documented cases have occurred in athletes with mild repetitive brain trauma (RBT) over an extended period of time. Specifically contact sports such as boxing, American football, wrestling, ice hockey, rugby, and football (soccer). 

In soccer, whether this is just associated with prolific headers or other injuries is unclear as of 2017.

 Other potential risk factors include military personnel (repeated exposure to concussions charges or large caliber ordnance), domestic violence, and repeated banging of the head. The exact amount of trauma required for the condition to occur is unknown.

Diagnosis of CTE cannot be made in living individuals. A clear diagnosis is possible during an autopsy.

Prevention of CTE in sport is not an idealistic goal because repetitive concussions increase the risk for this condition.

Prevention techniques are also difficult because diagnosis of the condition can only be during a postmortem autopsy.

I will add that a major preventive measure would be to avoid any hit of whatsoever to the head for the brain is affected and to equally avoid repetitive concussions. Protect your head like your existence depends on it.

There’s No cure currently for CTE.

Till my next movie analysis post watch Concussion movie and stay healthy!