You know how we all see ladies with their full afro hair mane, long, all wavy, well laid baby natural hair and we are like oh beautiful and we are contemplating joining the team natural….

Hol’up…. sit back and let those in the team tell you their story before you make up your mind….

Before we delve into their story, I want to Sincerely apologise to everyone that kept on checking for new post but didn’t see, this girl had some bags to secure and it was time consuming but fun and someday I shall blog about it especially for the medical students like myself that are interested in developing themselves beside Academics wise.

To everyone that reached out, sent emails… You all are the best and I am glad to be partially back .

So to the Afro hair story, we will be having some guests tell us their stories in their own words and I hope to get more stories with time.

Feel free to send in your story, comment, like and share, everyone’s got a story!!!

First guest is Annie, a beautiful brown skinned lady that ever since I got to know her, she’s always been natural hair lady. I would say she makes keeping natural hair look easy to onlookers.

She’s a physiology graduate, a final year medical student, a self taught Baker and currently a Pastor with RedeemedChristian Church of God Kharkov Ukraine.

So Nne thanks for being part of today’s blog post.

How long has your hair been Natural?

Annie: Since 2015. Last Relaxer use on my hair was April 2015, transition chops between April and Dec 2015 when I removed the last relaxed part of my hair.

What are the Myths that you were told about natural hair which are true and are false ?


  • First, Expensive Products: I was told that products for afro hair products are expensive and many people still say it till today. Well,  it’s not entirely true. For example, those of us in Ukraine, Eva store has affordable hair products that could be used. You don’t have to break a bank .
  • Secondly, you have to spend the whole day washing hair- all day hair routine. Being Natural has made me realise it’s not all that complex, although initially when I started I spent more time on my afro hair routine than I do right now. Then I could start the process on Friday night and finish on Saturday evening. These days I can wash my hair, deep condition, shower, all in 30 minutes.
  • Thirdly, you must not do all the D.I.Ys for your afro hair to thrive. In my opinion,  it’s better to eat those foods used for D.I.Y  than apply them on your hair,  the body needs it too.
  • Another thing people say is “I don’t Carry my afro hair in it’s natural form, combing it daily, it gives me headache”.  I am not saying it’s a lie combing your hair daily will give you headache, You don’t have to comb your afro hair root to tip daily, it’s not all that necessary. Sometimes, I can carry my hair as a fro or high/low puff or whatever form I want to freestyle it, for two weeks. The only thing I have to do is fluff out my hair with my hands or use picking comb but not combing it and you don’t have to detangle your dry hair all the time, you will only end up giving yourself headache.
  • Protective Afro hair styles all the time: there are people who have natural hair but they have never been seen with their natural hair. What’s the point? Being natural made me realise I can style my Afro hair daily in a short period of time. I literally spend less time styling my afro hair daily, it’s synonymous to same time others use in brushing out their weaves or oiling their braids and styling them and I think I spend less time in comparison to them. You don’t have to do elaborate styles every morning.

What’s your Afro hair routine? 

Annie: My Afro hair routine is very simple and straight forward,  I believe there’s a need to follow a simple regimen than a complex one. Just keep it simple and use a good shampoo that isn’t drying your afro hair, a good conditioner that is moisturizing, any oil of choice that your afro hair agrees to(you have to try a couple of oils to find the one which leaves your hair feeling good) and if you can, a leave in conditioner or a cream, every other thing is something you can do without. You mustn’t wipe your account for any natural routine,  look around your immediate environment and you will find something.

For me, for the past 3 years, I have been using Garnier brand and they have great products.

afro hair

For oils, I go as the spirit leads, whatever I find,  whatever that is on sales but I always shuffle around almond oil,coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil. There’s always one oil available,  I don’t have to have all the oils available at the same time and I always have shea butter at home.

For gels, there are gels in Eva (at this point, I am wondering if she’s doing eva advert or their ambassador) that gets the job done. You don’t have to buy eco styling Gel, if you can’t afford it. The gel I use from eva is 25rph and it gets my 4c hair job done.

I wash my hair as often as I feel my hair needs it. It also depends on the style I am carrying.  If I am carrying a sleek low bun that involves alot of gel on my hair within the week , I will have to at some point wash the hair because of product build up.

It as well depends on the weather, if I feel like my afro hair is dry, It can be washed twice a week: Sunday morning ,which is usually when I wash my hair and maybe Wednesday as cowash with conditioner and water to revive my hair in the shower while I am in.

Basically, according to what my hair needs. Also if I stretch my hair out with a bantu or twist out for I usually stretch my hair with no heat. Whatever style I make after that,  I usually carry it for long for like 2 weeks without having the need to revive my hair coils.

In winter, put your hair in styles that makes it easy to wear your head warmer to avoid looking like “Simpsons wife”.

Are you planning on leaving team natural anytime soon and if yes, why?

Annie: I can’t say never. I know I can be very spontaneous,  I can decide to relax my hair today and cut it 6 months later, I mean it’s hair, it’s not that deep.

Afro hair

For I know whichever state my hair is in, it won’t make me feel any less. My esteem and confidence is not hinged on the hair that grows out of my scalp, for now I am loving my natural afro hair.

Are there benefits of being team natural in your opinion?

Annie: Yes for me it’s a period of self discovery journey. Find a part of yourself that you are yet to meet. An experience I would never trade for anything else.

When I have my little princesses,  they won’t have to struggle with their natural hair for their mommas gat them.

If you are out there contemplating going natural, please do with all happiness. Don’t listen to ankle,shoulder, bra, butt length pressure people.

Same time don’t forget genetics plays a vital role in long hair .

Oh Wow, it’s been a moment. Thank you for sharing your hair story and to anyone reading this with a hair story, feel free to send it across.

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