Winter season is one season, likes of myself don’t feel comfortable in because of it’s effect on our hair. My hair requires protective hairstyles or else by summer it might look like fowl bum-bum with sparse hair and maybe the middle side will be longer than front or back side of my hair.

So far these are some protective styles that I have tried and will try again.

Feel free to try them out or email other protective styles to me. Would be appreciated.


  • Twists braids

Twist braids are my favourite because it’s easy to loosen and being super lazy at this unpaid job I find twists as an easy way out.

Protective hairstyles

My first winter hair when I was still Team relaxed hair and I can say, it’s one of the few braided styles that I have done and I liked.

Mohawk style

Winter protective hairstyles

This right here is my favourite hair style. I have tried recreating it twice 👇.

Protective hairstyles

My last winter style bhet never packed it like the picture before and trust me my head was super warm. At some point I didn’t feel like loosening the hair style for as it got older, it had new beauty in my eyes oo.


Fauxlocs (soft Dread)

Protective hairstyles Fauxlocs is a hairstyle that beside it being a crotchet protective style,  compliments the individual whenever it’s worn. It can be fixed at anytime of the year though in my opinion,  winter is better for it keeps the individual warm while still looking good.

An easy to do style, DIY style for even beginners.  This look can be achieved and shopped from Zanaposh this winter. Other forms of fauxlocs are available, feel free to visit Zanaposh on Instagram for your affordable hair and hair products.

Protective hairstyles

This right here is my present hair style.  I loved it as soon as I saw it and had to recreate but you can achieve this look with Zanaposh

Protective hairstyles

Loving my new hairdo and sure it’s been keeping me warm… hoping it doesn’t get old early. Good thing about crotchets, they can be reused again and again. Just don’t forget to wash them after each use with little shampoo and conditioner, dry, oil and keep them safe for next use. This crotchet can be unravelled if you want and sure be shopped from Zanaposh.


Protective hairstyles

This right here is a life saver especially on hair bad days. Perfect for winter for when worn, it still feels like it’s summer till one is jolted back to reality with cold slap on the face. 


Weavon has been a protective style time immemorial.  Nothing ever goes wrong.

Winter protective hairstyles

In her words” the hair kept me warm” Thank you dear.

Protective hairstyles

It’s winter season doesn’t mean we can’t look fly.

This can be achieved in two ways either using kanekalon or weavon. Thinking of trying this out.

Protective hairstyles

Full, bold and beautiful for winter Slaying.

More Winter protective hairstyles and hair tips coming up.

Wear protective hairstyles and be posh-like in winter✌