After seeing crazy rich Asians movie some years ago, I started viewing Asians differently but haven’t see any other Asian movie that their advert or preview on Netflix got my attention till Bling Empire.

Bling Empire is Jeff Jenkins project and one of the new Netflix raves at the moment. It seems Jenkins brought most of his experience from handling keeping up with the Kardashians show but on a different budget.

Bling Empire is a reality show that lets viewers into the lives group of Asian friends who are friends in real life and are stupendously wealthy. Though Asians, they come from different demographics: China, Taiwan, Japan, Korean and Vietnam.

Bling Empire

The reality show stars Kevin Kreider- Asian-American, a model who was adopted by a white family as a baby, Kate Lim, son of Singaporean billionaire, Christine Chiu the wife of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Baby G’s mother, Anna shay a Beverly Hills society and daughter of a late billionaire entrepreneur.

Boy! Was I disappointed?  No

Was I impressed? Alittle. I expected more from some houses shown but they came off average.

But I have to give it to Bling Empire crew to elaborate more on the Asian lifestyle. At some point, I was asking myself are these real? The expenditures and the unreserved display of wealth.. my sweatbuds were definitely overworking when the price of an item was casually mentioned.

Bling Empire
(L-R) Kane Lim, Jaime Xie and Kevin Kreider in episode 8 “Will You Marry Me?” of Bling Empire: Season 1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021.

Goggle answered the questions that bugged my mind when I searched about them and their networth. It feels like the world is distinctly-broadly divided into 2, the extremely rich and the poor. For it didn’t resonate well how lavish a set lived despite the pandemic.

Somethings that don’t sound like worry was stress for some, like the color of what brand of an item to buy. When stress is mentioned to most people, colour of a branded item isn’t on the list.

Wait! It takes my friends and I 7 working days(with public holidays in between) to plan something but for them, it happened in a jiffy. Parties at random and for no explainable reason other than because they can.

Bling Empire

It is difficult to say one cast was my favourite because they are all unique in their way but some actions were cringeworthy.

I loved watching Anna be herself though some might describe it as being childish. From when she was on skateboard with her friend to jumping into the pool to pranking her friend that is silently in competition with her.

Yes she doesn’t like to be crossed but who enjoys being crossed anyway. However, she is forgiving if you acknowledge where you went wrong and apologise. I was in constant awe at her choice of hairstyle considering she comes from money and has loads of it. Her hairstylist needs to be spoken to but she was unpredictable atimes.

Oh the culture!

This shows that cultures are somewhat similar just different locations. For instance, African culture especially Igbo culture and yoruba culture (both Nigeria) frowns upon being pregnant or giving birth before marriage.

Igbos equally believe in reincarnation just like the Asians and they love family. To me I see alot of similarities between the two powerful nations and cultures. No wonder they are considered wealthy.

Their outfits left certain looks on my face, one moment they are dressing up to their standard another moment you are left wondering if this is supposed to be included as designer. I expected more since it’s meant to show us the Asian Bling Empire. 

Bling Empire

The cinematography, the “script” line, infact everything is beautiful, a good watch and I had a good laugh while at it. I enjoyed every scene and had no reason to fast-forward like I do when seeing movies. It was worth the time and I have high expectation regarding Bling Empire season 2.

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