This post is long overdue just like some other posts scheduled. Kept shifting the posting date and now we are almost done with winter season.

When I first came to this cold part of the world I battled with almost weekly flu. It was super annoying for my nose will be red and sometimes “peely”.

Sleeping at night was war, I needed to knock myself out with medications like piriton or sedative cough syrup for me to get enough sleep. I felt I was snoring because I would at some point sleep with my mouth open so that I can breath.

I literally dreaded winter period because of this and also the fact that the pathways are always glassy and slippery. Sure, I had my share of falling down and wondering while seated on the floor why I came to this country of all countries.

Beside the fact I was being inconvenienced by the flu, roomate and some group mates of mine sure were inconvenienced too for flu is an infectious disease and you know what that means😂😂.

Errm using this medium to say sorry to all who shared generously in my flu😂😂😂.

So Last year before winter season I took out time to read up about flu and how I can avoid getting infected. Of all the stories, each kept on saying getting vaccinated.

Nna who has strength for vaccination kwanu. This entails my conversing in a language I am yet to get properly acquainted with. Like which hospital sef and what if I am misunderstood while seeking for vaccines and I end up quarantined 😂😂. Trust me The fear of quarantine is the beginning of…..

Well, this left me to the other options which I am happy to disclose, though it’s something we hear daily but never take serious, occasionally brushed aside with reasons best known to us individually. But this girl is tired of sneezing, sniffing and having red nose… she needs a little comfort even if it means going extra mile and these are what I did.


First, I cut down a lot on my daily, monthly sugar intake which for me was in form of sugar itself, soda,juice,chocolates and I can say ayam proud of myself especially the chocolate aspect. Reduction in sugar intake gave way to painless monthly cycle and shrivelled up skin. Yes, I duno if it’s because of this reason alone but I could climb stairs fast and easy without panting like a deer being pursued by a lion which was usually prominent the days or weeks I took lots of chocolates.

Secondly I started taking supplements like vitamins A, C and E. We all know the benefits of these vitamins ranging from improving sight to Immune system to great skin. Initially I was consistent with it but started slacking at some point and if you ask me, yes I saw improvements with my sight,skin and immunity which I feel is the main reason why these supplements were highly recommended.

Thirdly I increased my fruit intake from sometimes a week to daily. I went with the flow- grape season I took lots of it down to strawberries, banana, tangerine and orange with tangerine being my new favourite. Yes I took raw fresh tomatoes atimes just for the fun of it 😂😂.

Fourthly created food menu. Yes you read right, in this country where the meal circles round rice, spaghetti, potatoes and lentils I formed a food menu with the help of my school timetable like mornings I don’t have 8.30am class my menu was like beans and spaghetti or beans and noodles 🤣🤣 or even beans and rice.

My food menu has more of Nigerian food than spaghetti and rice maybe because I enjoy Nigerian cuisine more and prefer preparing them myself. It includes dishes like Ukwa Beans, garri and soup(though it was on some weekends which I sometimes skipped😂😂) potato, moi-moi, rice, oat, custard, eggs and meat. Prepared most dishes Weekend and microwaved daily except potato because it doesn’t take time to get ready. It was more of a balanced diet for each day/each meal has almost if not all the classes of food.

Fifth, I increased my water intake and at some point started early morning water therapy although I wasn’t consistent with the water therapy thingy🤦‍♀️ but water intake was no longer a struggle.

The few times I felt like I was coming down with flu especially after sitting or coming in contact with someone who has flu I took antihistamines 😃😃 though it wasn’t often .

In all of this, I made it a habit of ventilating my room daily. In the morning while going to school, I opened up the windows to let out the stale air and closed it immediately I got home. Equally practised handwashing more too once I got home and cut down oil and salt intake too.

I equally got dressed up doubly daily to avoid stories that touch the health and how can I forget I prayed daily for sound health and no flu specifically😆😆. So far we are almost done with winter and God has been faithful.

You can try out these next winter and sure to stay flu free season. Eeen that’s all I did and I am looking forth to summer to stop dressing like eskimo in order to stay healthy and having communication with the glassy ground.

Till next winter stay alive✌