Hey classy girl, what’s in your wardrobe? Can we give you an idea of what classy girls wardrobe is?

Somethings that shouldn’t be lacking in our wardrobe? 

Aight! Got you… 

Time for upgrade if you aren’t there yet

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Yes, I just had to start with a white coloured blazer, can be any colour but white and black blazers should be in the wardrobe. These two colours are not selective, can match any colour anytime anyway.


Normally,  most women love handbags but what kind of handbag do you have? One can’t claim to be classy with any how bag, be intentional about it. Get that bag that screams I am classy without much introduction, so add this bag to your classy girls wardrobe list.

Laptop bag

Now if you work in an environment that requires laptop or you have one, what kind of bag do you put it in for durability? 

Traveling Suitcase

We all have those outfits that are not on hanger but in our suitcase, so what kind of suitcase is it.

Is it one you are proud off? Well if not, then order this right away.

Jewelry box

While on the box, how do you keep your Jewelry?  Is it just on the table? Do you know if they are not kept well, no matter the price ut wouldn’t last long. Have you ever wondered why Jewelry companies sell Jewelries with box?

Alright give your Jewelries the love it deserves. 

Time piece

There is something about time piece, it compliments dressing and surprisingly sometimes one can be judged easily by the kind and worth of their wrist watch.


Emergency can happen anytime are your pants presentable? Well, these are everyday use and shouldn’t be found lacking.

Good Bra

As ladies not just classy girls, there is need for good, comfortable bras.


You know that popular saying, smelling good is good business. Every classy girl needs a good perfume in their classy girls wardrobe. 

Foot wears

The first place one gets looked at is their feet so why not create a good first impression. Having different footwear befitting different occasions and locations is important. No one wears pumps to the beach.


No matter what occupation one is in, we need to have 1 or 2 gowns in our wardrobe for outings. I mean what’s a classy girls wardrobe without a gown in it?

Now you have excuse to go for shopping, time to upgrade to classy girls wardrobe. Stay subscribed for more.