Yaay! By the time this post would be made public I would have had 3 weeks plus lockdown at home due to COVID-19.

Pretty sure 2020 will be taught in future history class as one of the pandemic years and hey grand kids, your granny being me would be answering all your questions and be sending you those annoying Broadcasts.

Initially, I was okay with the idea of staying home to help curb the virus spread but with time I started getting itchy to do something, to maximize my time out of all of these going on and I am hoping this blog post helps someone.

So before I continue, it’s important

I ask: Hey! How are you doing? How are you holding up during this lockdown?

And use this medium to explain terms that have constantly been mixed up this period

Quarantine means sanitary measure to prevent the spread of a contagious plague by isolating those believed to be infected. So if you are not infected,  you are not on quarantine.

Self-Isolation means staying indoors and completely avoiding contact with other people. You will need to self-isolate: if you have symptoms before you get tested, if you just returned from a trip especially from an endemic area. Self- Isolation is usually for 14 days.

Social Distancing is the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance from other people or of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection. 

In Social Distancing you are not sick, you are on lockdown which is usually 3 weeks at first followed by more depending on the severity of the case. Everyone not sick is social Distancing and not on quarantine or Self-Isolation. 

Whichever term it is, all measures are implemented to help curb the spread of a disease and during this time, it’s not a time to have neighbourhood party or family reunion. It is a lockdown time to save lives.

It can be atime to self discover oneself, I have come across articles that mentioned discoveries which were made during lockdown periods like this and you too can make discoveries now. 

Maximize this lockdown and have interesting stories to tell later.

Hope I don’t sound too serious at the end of this post, so let’s get to it.

Online Class :

Yes, we have been made to believe that to build that outstanding resume you need certificate gotten from traditional education but do you know that having some professional certificate from online class can help you get that job especially with the way change being a constant factor in our very society. 

The other day, I was thinking out loud, what if after all of these and the mindset moves from traditional education system to online education and online certificate being a preferred option. Hehe it would be painful to realise one lost this amazing opportunity in disguise. 

Use this lockdown to earn an extra certificate, no knowledge is a waste and it won’t hurt anyone to take up those classes now that you’ve got nothing doing.

Some online courses are free while majority during these period are subsidized. Places you can find online courses are: 

Reach Out

By reach out I mean, call your loved ones. 

Make it a duty to speak to your family atleast weekly as against after a period, you can go the length of daily, it shaa depends on an individual but there’s this therapeutic feeling that comes with knowing your family is okay especially for the younger folks like myself. 

Call that friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, check up on that group of friends that holds a spot in your life.

Organize group calls with friends in the same clique. 

End point: talk to someone,it’s a lockdown not a shut up period. 

Read Books

Books out of your field, novels, motivational  books.  Join book clubs if that will help but read books.

Reading books helps with vocabulary, grammar et al. My best so far would be Becoming that I already reviewed.  

There are some other books you can download online and do you know you can even get paid to read books?

Now you know, join those sites and start earning. 

Start up something 

Could be a Blog or a YouTube channel even if it’s not for revenue purposes, could be as a hobby.

A lot of people use internet daily looking for answers to their problems, provide answers to areas you are an expert in, it could even be in culinary area or gardening. 

For blog, it’s easy to setup following this Link and it can be monetized via the ways listed in this Post.

Before you shove off the idea that it’s already saturated, remember you are different and that’s what matters.

Lockdown gives time for enough content creation that could last for awhile especially with blogging. One can schedule posts that could last upto a year, you just need to schedule them as you write.

Scour The Whole House 

You see, it’s easy to overlook some areas during Weekend cleanup but do you know that they are actually dirty. 

Well, prove yourself wrong by cleaning it up during this lockdown, scouring can be shared amongst days if ones house is big. At the end it’s thorough cleaning up that matters and believe you me, after such cleaning, there’s this kind of clean air that comes with it when you breath in.

Use this lockdown or social Distancing period to scour the whole house not limiting to window cleaning, kitchen organizing, washing make up brush (especially ladies), sorting out work/school bags( I can bet it’s been long some sorted out their purses, bags or cleaned up their closets),


Write a Book

Your book could be the next bestseller, it could be a solution to someone’s problem so why not get it out there.


Especially now, get close to your creator. As a Christian, I can tell you fam that no prayer is in excess. Don’t be complacent, talk to God and watch him turn around situations.

Learn a New Language

There are sites out there where one can learn new languages informally, you never can tell when it will come in useful.

Improve Culinary skills

It could be in form of baking or trying out new recipes. There are lots of YouTube channels and blogs out there to help. Remember cooking is not just for the females only, it’s for both genders and it’s one of the main basic life skills for survival.

For Nigerians that are in diaspora who love eating ukwa like I mentioned in https://zanaposh.com/favourite-african-igbo-cuisine/ but are gas conscious, I tried out a different way of preparing it without consuming much gas and you too can try it out.

Start Gardening.

If you’ve got small secured space behind or infront of your house, you can start gardening. A beautiful garden is a beauty to behold especially when it starts blossoming.

Lockdown and Netflix

Lockdown and Netflix

All “busy” and no chill isn’t all that good. Relax with any movie from Netflix or other sites like putlocker, solar etc or even on YouTube. Movie recommendations are breakthrough, miracle in cell 7, a question of faith . Errm might write a post on great movies one can binge on, just need to clear my schedule.

Remember: Be able to do all in moderation

Till my next post, Don’t forget to

  • Eat Healthy 
  • Practice good sanitation (please bathe daily)
  • Avoid smoking and drinking 
  • Meditate
  • Read books
  • Spread love 

Stay alive and sending E-sanitized hugs