Before we go down to post title details, let’s start with briefly answering questions on what a blog is, an example of one and what it is used for, as this will help give clear content.

What is a blog?

It is a website or section of a website that features regularly updated content, typically in the form of written articles or posts. It can cover a wide range of topics, from personal experiences and interests to news and current events. They are usually written in a more casual, conversational tone and may include photos, videos, and other multimedia elements. A Blog can be mixed, for instance it can be a mixture of health and fashion blog or can be in a specific niche.

Blogs can be maintained by individuals or organizations, and they are often used as a platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions with a wider audience. Many bloggers also use their blogs to connect with their readers and build a community of followers. Blogs can be a great way to share information and engage with others, and they can be a useful tool for anyone looking to establish an online presence.

Permit me to mention, this a blog post that was written some months back when I messed up my website trying out new codes and had to do backup from my backend, which lead to it getting missing. Annoyingly it’s the only post that got messed up with, others were left intact which leaves me thinking my village people are really working hard against this effort of mine.

Well, all things work together for good to those who believe, for I will be extensively blogging about how to start a blog using whichever popular platform out there in very simple form for beginners and guide to choose the best blogging platform. Yea did I say beginners? I was once in that shoe and I got lots of people to thank for my growth and I want to someday be thanked for someone’s growth.

Just like every other idea or stuff you want to put into action, the first step is to overcome procrastination. Yea I created my first in 2016 when I enrolled in one language class like that and had ample time but after creating one, I left it or forgot about it till I think around October last year-2018. Yea you read right 2 years later when I had come across a website from an intelligent blogger and I was like yea, I have a blog somewhere where I can air my views.

That was when I started trying out the password lol (for I have a great trait of forgetting my passwords) same time going through other bloggers website to know more. I literally devoted a month reading up about popular blogging platforms and of course kept on migrating from one blogging platform to another and finally settled with WordPress.

There are basically lots of blogging platforms out there that I may not know about but these are the popular ones that I went through and hopefully I can discuss all the steps required for each.



Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google. It is a platform that offers a quick and easy way to create a blog for non-tech-savvy users- starters and this is where I started from. I am not saying you must start from there too, the choice is yours.

I understand that Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms ever known. It was first launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs. In 2003, Google acquired Blogger and redesigned it to what we know today.

Google account is all that is needed to start out on Blogger.


  • Blogger is free.
  • It’s easy to use and manage without any technical skills.
  • Has the added advantage of Google’s robust secure platform and reliability which is something I admire when I see bloggers using blogger platform.


  • You’re limited to basic blogging tools, and can’t add new features as your site grows in popularity which is the main reason I migrated. I didn’t want to be boxed up, I knew I would be twerking the blog from time to time and blogger wouldn’t give me room for that and I loath being boxed up into something. This girl right here enjoys being free, moreover Jesus paid the price so I am free Amen Somebody!
  • Design options are limited, with fewer templates available. Third party templates for Blogger are often low quality.
  • Blogger does not receive frequent updates or new features.
  • Google can suspend your blog at any time, or even cancel the Blog service altogether. This was the main reason, like I wouldn’t want to wake up someday to find out that my months which is what it is now(7 months old blogger) or years (future lol) of hardwork has been cancelled.  I think to me it would be worse than heart break, I could deal with that if it comes to that but my hardwork in things like this could be bad/horrible and to avoid stories that touch the kidney, I quietly migrated.

Most bloggers start out with Blogger platform because it’s free, but eventually as their website grows, they switch from Blogger to wordpress to get more features and control over their website.

To Create A Blog on Blogger

  1. Click on Blogger
  2. Click on Sign In which is on the upper-right corner of the window. Enter your Google username and password.
    • Assuming you don’t have a Google Account, click on Create Your Blog.This will take you to a screen where you can create an account to use with Blogger.
      1. Select a profile type. Click on Create a Google+ profile to create a single account to use across all Google properties. If you’d like to use a pseudonym or limit your exposure on Google, click on Create a limited Blogger profile.
      2. Follow the online prompts to finish creating your Google+ or limited Blogger profile.
  3. Enter a Display Name and click Continue to Blogger which is the name that your readers will know you by like mine is Zanaposh.
  4. Click on Create New Blog.
  5. Type your desired title.
  6. Chose a Url which is the domain name but in blogger it will end with except you purchase a domain from a third party.
  7. Enter the word verification and click on continue .
  8. Voilà you have a blog, follow the remaining steps it brings up to choose a theme, create blog posts.

That easy and you can start blogging all the way.


Blog is the world’s most popular blogging software. Started in 2003, WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites on the internet including mine.

Note: It’s easy to confuse with, which is a blog hosting service mentioned later on the list. is an open source free blogging platform that allows you to build your website within minutes.

It is a self-hosted solution which means that you will need to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider like Bigscoots . WordPress is a great option if you want to have full control over your blog’s future and enjoy blogging like I am doing.


  • gives you control over every aspect of your website which is the main reason I opted for it.
  • You can grow and add extra features like forums, online store, and paid membership. This makes WordPress the best blogging platform to make money from and unapologetically one advantage why I prefer blogging to vlogging.
  • There are thousands of free themes available for WordPress. This allows you to create a beautiful website that stands apart from the crowd.
  • You also get access to more than 50,000 plus free plugins. These plugins are like apps for your WordPress blog that allows you to add features like contact forms, galleries, etc but if you want something outstanding paid themes are better.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly. You can easily create SEO friendly URLs, categories, and tags for your posts. Plus, there’re a good number of great SEO plugins for additional features.


  • Managing your own website comes with a bit of a learning curve, you have to be technically skilled even alil bit to create one and yea I offer Blog services for different people ranging from beginners to old hands that need my service.
  • You will have to manage your own backups and security. I have woken up some days with messages like ” zanaposh  was down” till I switched to Bigscoots  and they manage every downtime.


WordPress software is free, but having a domain name is important and Bigscoots offers free first year domain name and subsequent years you’ll need to pay for it which is quite affordable.

You need a domain name and web hosting for starting any type of website. I would recommend using this link of mine to get better Bigscoots  offers.

And To Create a blog using

Click on How to make money from blogging  for this is already a long blog post and I wouldn’t want to bore you my awesome readers out.



Tumblr is quite different from other blogging platforms. It is a microblogging platform with social networking features including following other blogs, reblogging, built-in sharing tools, and more.


  • Tumblr is free with a Tumblr subdomain like You can also connect a premium custom domain name.
  • It is very easy to set up and use.
  • It has an integrated social media component.
  • As a microblogging tool, Tumblr makes it easy to quickly blog videos, GIFs, images, and audio formats.


  • Tumblr comes with a limited set of features that you cannot extend as your website grows.
  • There are many themes available for Tumblr, but they can’t offer additional features.
  • Backing up your Tumblr site or importing it to other platforms is difficult.


Tumblr is free to use. You can use a custom domain (purchased separately) for your Tumblr blog, and there are also third-party themes and apps available to purchase.



Squarespace is a website building service which allows one to create beautiful websites using easy drag and drop tools. It focuses on small business owners who are looking for an easy way to create an online presence. It started in 2003, Squarespace currently powers millions of websites online.


  • Squarespace is simple and easy to use for beginners who aren’t equally very tech-savvy.
  • It has beautiful professionally designed templates.
  • It separately offers domain name with SSL/HTTPs and eCommerce stores.


  • Squarespace is limited to the features built into their proprietary platform.
  • Integrations are limited to a select few services and tools.
  • Can be a little expensive when compared to other blogging platforms but which still depends on your budget and who you are because one thing can be expensive to one and extremely cheap to another person.


Squarespace has different pricing plans for websites and online stores.

Pricing for their Personal website plan starts at $16/month, or $12/month if you pay for the year in advance. For the Business plan, pricing starts at $26/month, or $18/month billed annually.

Whereas pricing for online stores starts from $26/month and up to $40/month.

Often users end up switching from Squarespace to WordPress to minimize their expenses and add more features on their websites.

This is another platform offered by Automattic, a company created by co-founder Matt Mullenweg. offers a basic blog hosting service for free. You can purchase additional options like a custom domain name, additional storage, and other premium services.

It Started in 2005 with a goal to bring WordPress experience to a larger audience. is a good blogging site for users who don’t want the advanced features of self-hosted WordPress.


  • No setup required.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • It’s completely free if you are happy with a subdomain. Your free website name looks like this:


  • Limited options to extend your site. You cannot use custom themes and plugins.
  • You cannot run advertisements on your site. Instead, will show their ads on your free website.
  • You do not own your site, and can suspend your account if they find you are violating their terms of service just like Blogger.


The basic account is free, but it will have ads and branding.

You can upgrade to their Personal plan for $4/month (billed yearly) to remove logo and advertising from your website. You also get a custom domain (such as

For $8/month (billed yearly) you can get additional design tools and extra storage.

Because of the similarity in names, beginners often start with thinking they are getting the powerful software. After seeing the limitations, users often end up switching from to to have more features and control over their website.

And on how to create a blog on

  1. Click on WordPress  to start
  2. Choose a homepage layout
  3. Then, choose a theme
  4. Next, choose a domain name.
  5. Pick a plan for it comes with a free domain
  6. Create your account
  7. C’est fini and you have a account .

You might decide not to pick a plan and go ahead to create an account but your domain name will end with for example it will be “” instead or like I would always say, the choice is yours.

I would have loved to say one is better than the other but this being a free world and ones opinion shouldn’t be shoved down another person’s throat, choosing a platform is up to you and I hope with these few words, it would help to guide you on the platform suitable for you.

Till next blog-post! Stay happy ❣.