Favourite season of the year is here and a Black girl’s hair is about to summer slay with feedin braids. 


Summer is a season we are free from wearing heavy clothes and covering up hair. It’s time to show off what we’ve got. I mean in a good way though and as a black girl,our hair never caught un-fresh this period.

Though most go for braids, some opt for crotchet hairstyles but our hair gets to slay amongst other things. So what’s your feedin braids style this season? 

Feedin braidsHave you decided or should we help?

Feedin braids

Umm well we are helping,we might as well complete it right?

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summer hairdos

This style is my go to all the time because it’s easy to loosen.

Feedin braids

And doesn’t take time to braid. Certainly dislike sitting for long time to get my hair done.

Feedin braids

But if you don’t mind sitting for a long time, you can spice up your hairstyles. 

Feedin braids

Feedin braids Feedin braids

Feedin braids Feedin braids Feedin braids

Feedin braids

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