Whenever fashion is talked about, Rihanna isn’t a name to be found lacking, no wonder Rihanna’s maternity look is one most have been looking forward to especially if you are a huge fan (I mean who really hates her good sense of fashion though?).

Before now, pregnancy period for some isn’t a time to serve looks or even dress up. While it’s understandable that pregnancy is difficult for people, however Rihanna, the fashion mogul has successfully changed the narrative and maintained her crown as the Queen of fashion.

Seen some pregnant ladies recreate some of Rihanna’s pregnancy looks and it’s safe to say we love it. The story is changing, slaying or serving up look isn’t bump restrictive nor location constraining. So if you are pregnant or about to be or have joined band wagon of God when, begin to think of ways to still serve up while heavy.

Badgirlriri kicked off what most will call Rihanna’s Maternity looks with this first picture which she used to announce to all her internet ‘fanily’ that she is expecting her first child with ASAP Rocky, another fashion icon.

The picture showing the bump that laid the minds of womb watchers to rest was taken at Riverside Drive by celebrity photographer Miles Diggs showed the Queen in Karl lagerfield’s fall 1996 collection for chanel, adorned with colourful jewels. She looked so cool in it and has gotten some considering becoming pregnant. 

Rihanna's maternity look
📸: Miles Diggs

Even after the pregnancy bump announcement, she’s gone on to make fashion statements each time she steps outside. She has definitely held onto her crown and there hasn’t been any fashion slips yet not like we would notice or even fault any slip.

Rihanna's Maternity look Baby bump didn’t dent Rihanna’s Maternity looks to Paris fashion week event in March 2022. She infact pressed necks with her gauzy lingerie (that revealed her growing bump) in a knee high black boots, complemented with matching jewellery. Rihanna's Maternity look She hasn’t stopped and it’s beginning to feel like even unborn internet “family member” would definitely join mum to create fashion statements when born because how is Rihanna invited to an event and she still turned necks with beautiful bump.

Look to Jay-Z Oscar after party

Rihanna's Maternity look

For Jay-Z Oscar after party held at Chateau marmont, she said hold my purse for a moment and showed up in organza turtleneck gown on a long organza skirt which if another individual had worn same attire, it would have caused internet frenz in a wrong way but it’s Rihanna and she always has a way of making even ugly duckling attire beautiful. 

Rihanna's Maternity look
Rihanna in custom Coperni

She graced fenty beauty launch in LA in a long sleeved silver-coloured top that hugged the right places on a spangled custom Coperni maxi skirt that accentuated the assets. Her consistency in serving looks while celebrating her magnifique bump has made “Rihanna’s Maternity look” an inspiration.

Rihanna’s Maternity look hasn’t excluded her love for short skirts which she paired with a colour matching footwear but boy? The colour combination is c-o-o-l. Like who would have thought the two bright colours could be combined.

Rihanna's Maternity look The attire really complimented her glowing look. Before delivery, we are certain Rihanna’s Maternity look will be one to be recreated for years to come.

Rihanna's Maternity look
📸: Diggzy

Her casuals haven’t been left out in this Rihanna’s Maternity look era, she has turned up even in wears that haven’t been thought would look good in pregnancy. The interesting thing about each wear, she has a way of showing off the bump, like you definitely must see and be aware that she is pregnant even if you’ve been living in stone years and just joined the current century. 

We are delighted and definitely curious of what more one can glean from Rihanna’s Maternity look because it has love all written over it.