Hehehe the reactions to blog post on Psych Personality Test  was quite funny, cool and errrm I dunno sef.

I got reactions like Nah, Naza I refuse to be same type A with you hahaha, eeeh immediately I read first few lines of personality Type A- I was like this is definitely Naza  and sure got questions like what type am I? I don’t think I am any of the types you already discussed.

Yes, you don’t think you are any of the types discussed because there are other personality types like personality Type C ,D and something else which today’s post is for, so relax but don’t come back screaming I think I am type B or A after reading about personality types C ,D and….

Always remember no Personality Type is better than the other and I am not sure it’s hereditary . Meanwhile, if you find a trait in you that you don’t feel comfortable with.. you sure can work on yourself and become a treated version of your Personality Type. It’s no big deal, the change starts from the mind.

Ngwanu let’s get straight to the point but I think I have some traits from this personality type about to be discussed.

Personality Type C

Personality Type C individuals are basically perfectionist, definitely consistent in their work and hardly ever break rules.

personality type C


People with Personality type C are the true definition of introverts, alot thoughtful than social, it’s like saying, they love their personal space, love to be alone, have meaningful conversations with one or two persons in their circle than have small petty talk with crowd.


Personality Type Cs tend to shirk from social or human interaction, Weekend for them is alone time for they use such periods to hone in on what they need to accomplish although they might say it’s because they have no one to hang out on Weekends therefore let them arrange facts in a logical order ,work on a project and sure they can sit down and concentrate for hours making them have an amazing ability to focus. Well the downside is that before they know it, Weekend is over and the circle continues.

They are Detailed

Ability to be interested in details than periphery is one trait which separates them from the rest of the personality types.


They could turn heaven and hell upside down or inside-out, go any length to find a fact they are interested in, before taking it to pieces in order to restart the process. I think for them, it would be like finding the details to a puzzle, for every angle, area is important to them.

They do not take things at face value and are interested in finding out exactly how things work which leaves me thinking that one of the good professions for them will be maybe mechanical or electrical Engineering though not saying Type C individuals can’t thrive in other professions, infact I think I know more than one in Medicine.  I mean these two areas require details on what and what is involved eerm maybe even FBI can be fine too, and neither do they indulge in Risk taking which is not a very attractive option for these people who tend not to venture into something until they have gone over, again and again all the facts with a fine-toothed comb.

Thinking for them is very systematical and analytical, making decisions based on research and information backing them up. Hence, decision making with them won’t really be easy especially when little or no time is required in making decisions.

Well due to this, they are natural problem solvers because they focus on details and are able to notice and register things that other personality types may not easily take note off while same time strive to create original and likewise unique work in whatever they find themselves doing.

C-personalities prefer being involved in tasks that are controlled and stable rather than tasks that have no direction you don’t just wake up and give them headless tasks- maka why?.

Not forgetting that they make sure to be meticulously prepared with every detail to reduce the chances of anyone waking up to disagree with them. Type C’s are great candidates for any job which requires creativity based on patience, facts, and precision. Jobs like computer programming, accounting in addition to the profession I mentioned earlier are cool for them.

They are Set of deep thinkers who like to get to the bottom of things by asking questions like “why” or “how” something works, you Berra get ready to answer questions assuming you are friends or work with them.

They can be control freaks

They can control themselves, you, me and any other generation around, for them it’s all about putting things in order no matter the cost.


In order to get the job done right and perfectly, they work carefully, gathering facts, using every resource available to look at all aspects of an issue before indicating their stand.

Always well prepared incase someone decides by himself, for himself to challenge them and are sure motivated by the outcome, precision and quality in all of this, so before you challenge them make sure you can accept defeat for Las las that’s what you will get.

Did I tell you, you can’t sell something to them treading on emotions? It would be nice to have other business strategy in other to sell something to them.

For thinking of selling something to a C-personality through the use of emotional reasoning often fail because a C-personality would consider this person to be full of hype and think about the possible facts that are hidden behind the hype.

Their extreme skepticism and their constant use of logic to make decisions in an objective manner could mean that they are rarely swayed by the use of emotions… they are In charge shikina, ain’t swayed to any direction.

Highly sensitive set of people, they are also known for other character traits like being deep and thoughtful.

Appreciate Direction in life

They prefer to have a clear direction for their tasks and jobs same time prefer to know what people expect from them so they can decide how to prioritize their time and effectively plan their course of action for They like to see every job through to completion- not a half way something,  hardly do you ever find half way done job with personality type C folks.


Yeah yeah C-personalities are dependable and take their jobs seriously which is why when they are given clear instructions, they are highly likely to get a job done completely and effectively-ce perfecto ✔.

Communication with a C-Personality

To effectively communicate with someone who has a C personality, it is best for you to use formal and almost “business-like” language and tone adighi ama ama(get Igbo translator).

It’s important to acknowledge and respect the amount of expertise that a C-personality has on any topic, so that they can teach you about the topic at hand.

C’s can come off as talkatives for they can talk for a long time about something that they have a passion for, but they are also self-aware, and therefore won’t get offended if the conversation has to be cut short due to time which reminds me of a friend of mine, just wait until they are passionate about something, you will see especially when you are called on phone… my friend get a headset/earpiece or better place the call on speaker if you are alone and busy because it’s going to be a long call.


Personality Type C’s have problem with expressing their emotions- suppress their emotions quite often but are so nice, avoid trouble like tomorrow no dey and can be patient.

Eeeh if you have a child, friend or even dating a personality Type C person , don’t expect to see their emotional side often so you don’t get frustrated assuming you are one who loves emotions or PDA.


In everything, they are a lovely set of people.

P.s: Pardon the long blog post… Personality Type D and another type I bumped into while preparing this post will be discussed soon…Be expectant, couldn’t discuss it for this blog post is already long especially for those with short attention span…

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