Been quite busy looking for updated styles for my Ankara gift from a friend and I stumbled upon these styles.

Of course some of which were inspired by lanredasilva, a bespoke fashion icon I have come to admire for her creativity in a world dominated by men. Hoping to be styled by her someday.

Sit back and look through these styles with me😄

Ankara Ankara kimono against a while gown with a hair afro puff.

9713965cdd7b4cddeb5a13f2b05adbd4pleated flowery skirt.  Lanre inspired😁.

03849ef5667b89bc4daca92807c34902This Queen wore this well, styled by lanre😁65bb7de2eec7cc5aabc78a1080d12d95Another one😍

7b1f0934a36c41904a8b24db49e737aeGreen is an upcoming favourite colour and you can guess well why this picture is included.


It’s a way of saying, it can be worn in different ways. Like I keep saying, don’t get boring with Ankara styles.


Off-shoulder gown on a golden pump.

8a43ab7bfb770006d914072c5635dd46Different ways flowered shirt can be worn.

f397d23176a5ffdb58d742e16c986fb0This beauty never disappoints.

0f99c13815bb24c94a4e6069f179f21epeplum Ankara on Jean pants  with red pump that definitely compliments.


863b21bd69e1dffc80fd798340a103f5I love the simplicity.



No colour is dull if the style it’s sown with is cool.


For that matured owambe.


Another look for likes of my mum❤❤❤.


Eissh Slayers Association.


I like but this my tiny arms won’t let me be great.



Alrighty… less asset people like us, not sure if this can go but there’s no harm in trying.


A cool piece.

Yeah… Something for the tall ladies like myself.

8b772ad6cdf0a3cf91c6710c33b83a11Right combination.

Another Outfit for Tall ladies. Was discussing with a friend and we came to a conclusion that there’s this decency and beauty that comes with skirts/gowns  below the knee.

fff410dfe3471637886fabd9d38c847fSlay Quietly .

d73342290ce3077e039630112ac5394eTired of the top, slay the skirt with a black top/blouse and you are good to go.

Yea, I know it is quite long from usual Ankara look book.. pardon me while awaiting for longer Ankara look book next time.