Yea yeah I have been Happy ever since I heard the good news on a PCOS case I have been following for sometime now. Infact it was the main Inspo behind Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) post some weeks back. Like I literally hoped the ovarian drill medical treatment I discussed in the post will work for her.

Hey, before you say, did you talk about something you are not sure off ? I need you to understand that doctors are Human Beings and not God though we are made to believe that we are mini gods and I will like to back that up with ‘I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’- psalms 82:6 (NIV), so errors can happen, treatments can fail and village people can work overtime(please don’t mind me ),sometimes too more than one treatment method is required for some individuals and other times old treatment methods may not be efficient enough thereby requiring new treatments methods.

So for this, the Ovarian drill worked and I want to discuss more about it. Take ya seat and be blessed.

Amen somebody?

What is Ovarian Drill?

ovarian Drill

Ovarian drill also called multi perforation or laparoscopic Ovarian diathermy is a minimally invasive surgery carried out under general anesthesia where a laparoscope is inserted through a small surgical cut made near the belly button to view the thickness of the ovaries and make small incisions in the ovary which aids in lowering the testosterone level made by the ovaries.

It’s worthy to note that women with PCOS have thick outer layer ovaries with high testosterone level causing irregularities in menstrual cycle, acne and extra hairy body.

Ovarian drill

Ovarian drill being one of the treatment methods of PCOS is done after other treatment methods (pharmacological therapy) have failed or are not efficient enough and of course with the consent of the woman, even after it’s been suggested for it has the following possible risks involved:

  • Infection from the incision which is common among surgeries.
  • Bleeding from the incision especially when the woman in question has coagulation abnormalities .
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Accidental injury to internal organs or major blood vessels, from the laparoscope or surgical instruments which makes this a surgery that requires great care and precision-  iatrogenic something .
  • Pain after the procedure, from inflating the abdomen with gas.
  • Problems caused by anesthesia.
  • Adhesions or scarring inside the body.

Ovarian drilling can affect the number of eggs left or may cause early menopause in young ladies which is like trying to treat fertility issues and end up making matters worse but Very rarely, is there a risk of death. In any case discuss properly and detailed with your significant other and doctor on the possible risk before signing consent form.

Ovarian drill can be done within 24 hours, discharged same day and recovery can be quite fast depending on an individual’s recovery rate. Could take up to a month or less while going about daily activities.

Good thing about Ovarian drill is that after the minimally invasive surgery, menstrual cycle comes back to normal although there could be exceptional case where even with this procedure the monthly flow doesn’t become regular but it’s adviced to plan well to utilise the period after the procedure in other to take in “ceteris paribus” for yes the benefits may not be permanent. Menstrual cycle can be irregular again after sometime but having done all, keep trusting God.

Ovarian drilling doesn’t guarantee getting pregnant immediately for there could be other reasons for fertility issues though it’s been stated that about 50% of women who underwent ovarian drill became pregnant within the first year after surgery which is of course the reason and main benefit of this procedure.

In all of this, worry less, stress less,trust God more, talk to someone-a confidant not aproko, loose weight and live a healthy lifestyle .

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Merry Christmas

Stay safe.