You know when I got the inspo to write on Psych Personality Test,  I actually didn’t envisage these long posts… I just wanted to create awareness on it and you know have fun while writing it and I can say I truly had fun writing about it.

I feel it has done alot of good than harm in the sense that, I feel I can totally relate and understand some people,  their actions and behaviour.  I subconsciously diagnose people in my mind based on their personality type.

And yea, I got to find out that a long time friend of mine is type C but that leaves me thinking…erm that adage that says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”, does it apply here since a handful of them are introverts- a strong trait of type C and Never Express their emotions. Some others are Type A and I can totally relate since I am one but does it equally mean I have conflict in personality type?. Well time to find out more from psychologists that I know but I am happy that I am blogging about this.

As for this classification of personality types, Personality Type D is the last, though there are other classifications of personality types especially by Briggs Meyer’s personality theory which breaks it down to 16 types including introversion, extroversion, intuitive etcetera etcetera. Hoping I can blog about it some time later though not anytime soon, so for this post, personality type D will be discussed and I promise not to make it long.

Personality Type D

If you’ve been following from the beginning from Psych Personality Test to Personality Type C you might probably say I think every trait has been evenly distributed amongst A,B and C, there should not be anymore trait left.

Bhet trust me you are wrong, just as I was some months back… I was wowed and all I can type is wait till you get to the end and you might probably relate it to some things happening in my country if you deeply think about it.


Personality Type D are those with the daily negative thoughts according to some article I read, they are always on the depressed side…( yea reminds me of a scheduled depression post, subscribe if you haven’t,  stay glued to this blog and it will definitely come up).

These individuals, which make about 21 percent of the population are constantly afflicted by negativity like worry, irritability, gloom, etc., and hardly feel self-assured no matter what you do to make them feel self-assured.

They dread rejection not like anyone loves being rejected anyway but they Dread it so much, so they avoid opening up and sharing their negative emotions with people and in my opinion it’s wrong, yes when they open up, they maybe get judged based on their negative emotions but I feel it could help get them better- like become treated version of their personality type for when one opens up, reasoning together with such individual, helping them see the positivity is better than bottling up, though this can be achieved when you open up to the right people not tatafo, unpaid panel of judges or evil minded people.

Because of this dread or fear, it causes them to suffer from enormous amount of stress which makes them prone to heart-related diseases according to study which showed that as many as 18 to 53 percent of cardiac patients have type D personality. Thinking out loud, the next time I see patient with cardiovascular diseases including “Broken Heart Syndrome “ I will include a visit to the therapist as treatment plan for them. Though I have always believed that most of these diseases people suffer today links back one way or the other to psy, mental status of the individual and no wonder WHO included complete state of mental status in their definition of Health.

Personality Type D’s have these traits and some more.


Their level of worry and preference to stick to the trodden paths and established routines over the uncertainty of change is high. Changing routine for them is like killing them off, destabilising already programmed life is never a welcomed idea. Change is not in their dictionary and you better don’t add it in their dictionary even if you decide to buy one for them.

You will find them doing their best not to stretch their neck out when it comes to taking responsibility and risk. With the help of professionals in the field of personality development and through sheer power of self motivation or self-improvement, these people can overcome their handicap to some extent bhet of course you have to start by working on their mind which I have always said treatment starts from the mind before any other place.

Pictorial representation of the four personality Types

In all of this, an individual can have a mixture of all traits but a personality type with greater number of traits is sure your personality type. Remember you can become a treated version of your personality type, it takes hardwork and gradually you will get there… it’s said Rome wasn’t built in a day so relax.

You can find out your personality type Assuming you are still confused Here. Have fun while at it.

Feel free to say your personality type, ask questions or contribute in the comment section.

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