One of the yearly most anticipated night event in fashion world was hosted early this year: Met Gala 2022 and it’s been the most talked about for a week mainly because of the outfits which have ranged from what is this to okay this is gorgeous to Breathtaking wears tailored by known brands.

Met Gala is an event that draws worldwide A-list of celebrities to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and for the first time since the pandemic, it’s back to first Monday in May. It’s held yearly on the first Monday in may and this year seem to fall on the right date.

While it’s meant to draw A-list of celebrities across the globe, it’s beginning to feel like only a certain group attend every year and these set try to silently out-dress one another or even dress better than they did, the year before. This wouldn’t be without a reason for the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift who hasn’t attended Met Gala since 2016.

Though a yearly event, 2020 was the year alot of things didn’t go as planned and met gala got a share in it for it wasn’t held till last year which had a good turnout if asked.

Met Gala has always had one aim which is to raise funds for the museum’s costume institute and this event raises this fund through table selling which are majorly paid for by companies and brands that in turn host celebrities of their choice.

In simple terms, companies invite celebrities or known figures they work with or intend to work with to these events and these individuals wear their merchandise or one way or the other represent them. For last year 2021 the limelight was on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her controversial “Tax the rich” dress.Met galaThe dress caused some buzz with some concuring while others rebutted the idea but one thing is certain, it’s will go down in history and someday, years down the line, the dress would be worn again as vintage.

Every year Met Gala is held, there is always a theme for it which ofcourse is meant to guide the nights outfit but there will always be that one or two fashion daredevils that would wear what they feel like.

This year the theme was called “Gilded Glamour ” which was to honour gilded age America, post civil war economic growth time that lasted for 3 decades from 1870 to 1900. Did all invited dress up according to the theme? Certainly not!

The red carpet showed those who understood the assignment and those who fashionably failed. It sure had celebrities like Sarah Jessica porting back to stone age era with fitting corset-dress and the men showing up as usual in sharp suits with white ties.Met GalaIt’s safe to say She understood the assignment, she paid hommage to Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley who is the first Black female fashion designer to the White house.

Some other celebrities like Blake Lively and Sydney Sweeney had other ways to spice up the theme by having a reveal on the red carpet.Met Gala 2022 Both before and after reveal of these dresses not only judiciously lined with the theme, it left people with beautiful surprising look on their faces.

It is no surprise Blake Lively could pull such beautiful fashion stunt looking at how she has always been intentional about her outfit to Met Gala over the years. Her gown this year oxidised to copper train in honour of statue of liberty. Met GalaHer Met Gala dresses have always matched the theme and synced with the red carpet. Well, she makes not just her fans proud but her husband as well. A delight to behold.

The male celebrities were not left out on the red carpet. Infact one chose to use the event to speak up on gun violence. While some welcomed the idea looking at the high rate of gun violence, some sorely criticised the outfit but who said opinions can’t be expressed in events through fashion. Surely the New York Mayor has a reason for his choice of outfit.

Met Gala 2022
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 02: (L-R) Tracey Collins and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, fashion detail, attend The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 02, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum).

The Kardashians were not left out in making a statement that would be remembered in years to come. Kim Kardashian amidst her love entanglement showed up with her boyfriend Pete Davidson wearing vintage gown owned by Marilyn Monroe before her death. Met Gala 2022

Cardi B graced the occasion wearing Versace gown that is said to have taken 20 people more than a month to make. Well looking at the gown, one can only imagine the team work that went on while making the gown, little to no wonder it stood out. Met GalaMet gala 2022 is the first public event Cardi B and Nicki Minaji attended together since their feud. 

Met Gala 2022

Phoebe Bridgers attended Met Gala and did justice to Jonathan Simkhai’s gown paired with Cartier’s jewelry. 

Met Gala 2022 red carpet showed attendees in vintage wears that shown light on sustainability. Maybe it is time to change the narrative ” celebrities or people in limelight don’t repeat clothes”. The brands this year chose to dress their guests from their archives collaborating with the years theme.

Let’s see what they have up their sleeves in Met Gala 2023 but till then follow us on Instagram @ _Zanaposh for more.