Have you been invited as a wedding guest then consider yourself worthy especially to an African wedding. It’s no easy feat to be invited to wedding how much more if it’s not just anyhow wedding. Then you must show up deserving. Wedding guest

Few rules regarding African wedding especially for non Africans

  • Don’t wear white outfit to a wedding unless the bride doesn’t mind
  • Never worry about over dressing to an African wedding because you can never. Believe you me, the couple and their squad always come prepared so come in your best. Infact dress up like you are attending Met Gala because it’s a fashion ground.
  • Never wear anyhow outfit for though you might not be bounced off the venue, you might feel inferior throughout the ceremony.
  • Favourite part is come not too hungry or filled, there is always food and drinks in any African event. We are not talking about chicken and chips kind of meal, talking about swallow like Eba, Amala etc especially Nigerian event.

With these few rules out of the way, let’s talk!

Are you like me who panics when invited out, just because I will need to look for outfit that I would be comfortable in as well as make statement with then keep visiting this site often. For today let’s look at this catalogue together.Wedding guest

Most of the styles are chosen unbiased and not a sponsored post but just because they are gorgeous and sewn by Veekeejames_official on Instagram.Wedding guestThis style isn’t for those that would go back with bus or sharing public transport because it will be a disaster struggling for bus seat wearing a dressing like this.Wedding guest while corsets are still trending, it won’t hurt to have a style in one. It snatches the waist to give it hour glass look.Wedding guest Wedding guest Wedding guest Wedding guest Wedding guestWedding guest Wedding guestFaux buba/wrapper are currently in vogue and for those who love the look and feel of wrapper/bubba but neither know how to tie it nor wear it appropriately then this wedding guest style is for you.

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