All our actions on earth have their consequences including in abortion just choose actions with less consequences!!

I hate to remember this date and place.

9th January, 2008.

Rumuodomaya, Port Harcourt.

An upscale neighbourhood.



In the lap of luxury.

And the vicissitude of life.

Prestigious schools are an added bells and whistles to it.

More than somewhat.

A berth where schools flourished.

In one of its schools I registered for WAEC. Was acquainted with the lesson schedule, and asked to commence lesson immediately.

While attending the preparatory lesson, I met folks.




And as a natural phenomenon I made friends.

Because friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it’s good to know they are there.




And blindly.

I made those friends.

Friends who were smart as a whip, but notably flirts.

Holy terrors.

But life of the class.

Good at solving every Mathematic conundrum they saw.

Antithetical of me.

Mathematics was my major problem then.

And now.

So I turned to them to learn, because they taught it better than our teacher who struggled to simplify his bland and pallid chalk talk.

As we learnt together and shared snatches of conversation, one of them brought up his escapade with girls, and how much fun it was to have a girl turn over every inch of her body to you like a tender Spanish doll.

And they all laughed.


Like a clod.

Like an unthinking animal.

Looking at me with a grave, sardonic eyes one of them asked if I had a girlfriend.

I brushed off the grotesque question, pretending to not have heard him.

They demanded I open up, or else they would cease to help me in Maths.

Squinting, I told them “I keep platonic relationship with girls.”

And they laughed again.


As though I was a bundle of fun.

A mystifying entity.

Or the pinnacle of so-called evolution.

And they ridiculed me for not having a girlfriend like them.

“Guy you dey fuck up o…” The ringleader flouted, and rejoined, “Haba, no dey behave like Jew man abeg. See, we fit arrange one manchy for you now-now wey go begin show you love and care.

If you no gree, then forget the Maths we dey teach you.”

Stunned for a spell.

I dreaded the thought of writing WAEC a second time because of my poor knowledge of Mathematics.

So I got home, and contemplated their offer.

To love, and be loved.

To care, and be cared for.

It seemed like a good thing after much scrutiny.

After all, women are indispensable creature, some have a kind soul, and a beautiful spirit. And this manchy might just be one of them.


“I’m not going to have anything serious to do with her” I muttered under my breath.

Unbending I went back to them, and asked to meet the manchy. Perhaps she could be useful in improving my knowledge about Maths.

And they called the manchy, also a scholastic aspirant as we.

Name, Francisca.

Pleasantries exchanged.

A fodder of discussion ensued.

And I beheld her in awe.

Indescribably beautiful.



A ray of sunshine.

A frolic of her own self.

Of enormous beauty.

The heart of all eyes.

A sight for sore eyes.

With a fine droll sense of humour.

And I fell instantly.

In love with her.

No, in lust with her.

I don’t know which.


Maybe not.

But I know I fell unmanly like a pack of card before her.

9th January, 2008, 8pm.

I hate to remember this date.

Promise me what I’m about to share with you will not change your perception about me.

Never mind.

Promises are fragile.

I will tell you all the same.

Believe me, I hate to remember this.

We were done with the evening lesson.

Teachers gone.

Students gone.

Street dark.

Passion flamed.

And I took Francisca aside.

“Stop Bob. Please stop. Stop it”, She entreated with her soft hands on my shoulders as we stood under a true guava tree in opaque darkness.

“C’mon, just one more time” I insisted, while gently stroking her chubby breasts.

And she let go of her restraint.

Like under a spell, I took a grip of her thumping thighs and slept with her.

In not too many minutes we were done.

Nine times out of ten, we dawdled this path of sensual bliss with no glaring bid.

Lesson over.

WAEC written.

Friends disappeared.

With no trace of their whereabouts.

Francisca phoned, requesting to see me, to break the news I didn’t want to hear.

Like a cat on a hot tin roof I went to see her where we agreed to meet.



She told me she was feeling unnormal, and that the accompanying symptoms confirmed she is pregnant.

“Jesus!” I exclaimed.

I didn’t want to give the idea of abortion a second thought, but it was the best decision for her long-term, as I thought.

“Abortion is the only option we have to cover our shame” I said to her, as my eyes burned with unshed tears.

Say no to abortion

And tears pooled from her eyes.

“I can’t do this, Bob”, she protested.

“Look Francisca, you have to. There is nothing wrong with the idea of abortion. A foetus is not a human life. It does not equal a baby. It is just a foetus until it comes out of the womb and take its first breath. It does not have a brain to think.

It is attached to the potential mother through the umbilical cord, which in turn is attached to the placenta. So you see, it’s nothing more than a parasite leeching off it’s host (the mother).

And since it is attached to the potential mother, she gets to decide it’s fate. You don’t need this pregnancy Francisca, let’s get rid of it for our good.”

“I haven’t done this before, Bob” she explained.

“Look Francisca, there is always a first time for everything.”

And she cuffed into silence.

And wept penitently.

Her tears thick as broth.

After a while, she nodded in agreement and I quickly began to look up for a maternity hospital in the neighbourhood where abortion was a safe practice.

The cost of the abortion was far more than I could afford in the hospitals I located, but I was directed to where it could be done at quite an affordable fee.

So I stole from my dad to bear the expense.

We were told to report in three days for the exercise.

Three days later, we made our way to the facility.

The abortion was done.

Some pills given, and we were told to go.

But Francisca would not stop bleeding.

Geysers of blood.

Upon blood.

“You’re still bleeding” I said, as I watched crimson-purple blood slide down her leg.

“I know, that’s why I have this towel to clean up.” And she wiped the blood.

“I feel dizzy, Bob.”

“Sorry dearie. Please go home. Take some rest, the bleeding would stop”, I said cooingly.

And she sauntered away.



At death’s door.

This was my last moment with Francisca. I was afraid the grim reaper will insufflate her the bad breathe of death, and I’d be trailed as a culprit of this censurable evil, so I stopped calling to check on her.

But tragedy struck.

Francisca couldn’t get better as anticipated.

Three weeks later, I dialed her number.

The feminine voice from the other end of the line didn’t seem like the voice I knew. So I introduced myself and requested to speak with Francisca.

And the voice began to weep for a minute or two. “Francisca has passed on” it said stuttering.

And I was lost for words.


In a cold sweat.

And it added weeping, “I don’t know who did this to my daughter. I don’t know who did this to my daughter. Whoever it is, may God punish him.”

And I was lost for words.

It’s 11 years now, and I have had no true peace of conscience. I have constantly been haunted by these words whispered in Francisca’s voice, “Those who by their cunning craftiness draw others to evil, shall not, with all their craft and cunning escape ruin themselves.”

Where can I bury my past?

For the way of evil is steepish, and slippery. When men begin to do evil they cannot soon stop themselves until they get into trouble.

Been quietly observing this bill/ law on abortion passed in U.S where any one who aborts at 6 weeks when life beats can be detected will be jailed.

These laws have it’s pros and cons and I am observing, hoping the pros will be more than the cons.

The women involved and the doctors involved as well will serve years of jail time while the “should be castrated idiot ” – rapist will be exonerated.  Mmmh what a law that protects the offender and jails the offended.

Abortion should be allowed based on if the life of the woman involved is at risk or if the conception was from rape and it’s having an emotional and psychological toll on the woman involved.

It shouldn’t be encouraged in scenario like already described,  youthful exuberance or the fun of it. Abortion equally makes the man the father of a dead baby not just the female involved. Take responsibility for your actions.


But why should men who have no uterus or vagina be quick to pass abortion laws on those who were blessed with these body parts. There are other things to be discussed and laws to be passed and not this.

Instead of doing good, reducing death rate like I want to believe is the reason for these abortion laws it will rather increase for people will carry out illegal abortion and we all know that abortion even when handled by professionals have a small percent of death rate, how much more when carried out illegally and by non professionals.

Let’s say no to abortion!

Use a contraceptive if having sex is fun for you !

( but thinking about it, why indulge in sexual activities wearing rubber when you can have full access under married scenario?  Any fun one has to wear protection before partaking in the fun must be wrong and wrongs are never right)

If not, practice Abstinence for no one has ever died from practicing abstinence but people have died from carrying out abortion!!

For the rapist, think about what if this table was turned and you are being raped and by some miracle you get pregnant or what if your daughter happens to be the victim. Would it go down well with you? Would you be happy to indulge in abortion? The time to reconsider is now!

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P.s: This post was written  by © *The Ghost_writer…* ✍🏼 and Zanaposh inspired by the laws against abortion in addition to youthful exuberance.

The story told never happened just fiction it’s just to create awareness on abortion.