Half of the mails we get are centered around where can we buy these work outfits and we’ve been careful not to give out links we’ve not used or verified. 

So to working class ladies who would want to slay on budget just like we do most times, here are some of the amazon links with good customer rating that we are looking forward to patronising from, come 10th-11th October 2022 during Amazon Prime Day Deals.

Amazon Prime Day is like another form of Black Friday where small business owners are promoted and mouth watering deals are available. For this year, alot of us here have got our eyes set on things like work outfits, gadgets and perfumes.

So join us and grab your affordable deals by clicking on any of the pictures to take you to our carefully picked out amazon links with good customer reviews.

1. Pleated Asymmetric Bow Neck

This pleated gown is giving conservative, modest, classy lady vibes. A career lady dresses in ways she wants to be addressed and for one of the career ladies amongst Zanaposh team who is a Medical Doctor, most of her wears are pristine, classy like this one.

2. Vintage Asymmetrical Neck Work Outfits.

This Vintage Outfits is on our list because of the length of the sleeve. We the ladies behind this website love elbow sleeved gown just because we really don’t feel comfortable in short hand work outfits. 

3. Blazer

As a lady who is trying to have other colours of blazers beside the monochrome colours that I have, this is top on the list. I have pants, shoes and accessories that I would rock this blazer with. With the assembled image I have in my head right now, I am looking forward to my next work meeting.

4. Open Cardigan Long Sleeve Irregular Hem

This cardigan can double as work outfits or non work outfit and with the cold weather here, a good looking cardigan wouldn’t hurt to have. Additionally, with the wear being light, it can easily be carried around.

5. Blazer with Pants Casual Elegant Business Suit Set.

What’s wardrobe touch up without 1 or 2 business suit and this is beautiful to have.

To all Queens out there, Keep putting in the work looking modest and classy in these work outfits, Happy Black History Month 2022. Stay connected for more with us on Social media and follow us on Instagram @ _Zanaposh for more.