As a black with a thick, long 4C hair, I am more than happy to share during this year’s Black History Month 2022 how I have been able to care of my hair especially in Europe with hard water. This year’s Black History Month 2022, seem to be more celebrated than previous years and the organisation I work with have detailed out plan for her employees to which I already look forward to. 

Before my hair cars tips to celerate black history month 2022, I need everyone to know I am impatient when it comes to sitting for long hours to get my hair braided and neither do I enjoy fixing weaves. Infact, it’s been years I did weaves, it’s been more of wigs, corn row braids, and packing my natural hair into different styles. So with a lifestyle like this, it’s easy for 4Cs to be challenging but not really for me.

For months I decide not to wear wigs or braid my hair, I ensure to wash my hair minimum every week-end and maximum every fortnight. Initially, a struggled to get a shampoo and a conditioner here suitable for my hair because of it’s unique form.

I dabbled from one shampoo product to another till I got in contact with this Inecto naturals. This is in no way a sponsored post but an honest review of the product from a personal point of view and would like to share with other black queens with my kind of hair. Links to the each tip/product is embedded in the pictures, click away Queens. 

Inecto Shampoo and Conditioner:

The first time I used the product and ran comb through my thick long hair, it felt so heavenly. I was like, so this is what you all have been enjoying. Soft thick comb-able hair, I had tears of joy in the bathroom and couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair. I became so proud of my hair and the fear of having to comb my hair dissipated.

Well, it was short lived because when it got finished and I went back to purchase more, it wasn’t available. I felt like crying again. I searched for months till I decided to Google the product company to see if any of the stores in my new location stocked it. I am certain I wouldn’t have cared much if the product was far away because I was ready to travel any reasonsble length to buy some and I even promised to buy more than 1 of each when I see it. Luckily, amazon is one of the stores that stock up hence the picture link.

I use the coconut shampoo and conditioner because I add Argan oil and sheabutter to my hair after each wash. The shampoo leaves the hair feeling really clean and the conditioner loosens up knotted or tangled hair easily leaving it soft and light. Because of the coconut ingredient in the product, it leaves my hair oily which is what my hair needs since it gets dry and flakes easily. It equally leaves the hair with coconut smell which I am not too bothered about but for someone who doesn’t like coconut, rinsing the hair more times than I do will take off the coconut smell.

Immediately after wash which is usually done on Saturday evenings, I generously oil my hair thoroughly using a mixture of olive oil, Argan and melted sheabutter and braid the hair into two or three parts with wool. This stretches the hair and helps to keep my hair soft for hours to days till I leave the house. Before bed time my hair in tucked into bonnet.

Hair Bonnet:

I have used a couple of bonnet and the challenge is, either they are on the floor by the time I wake up at night or in the morning or the bands are too tight, causing headache that I am forced to remove it or that they are too big and I am uncomfortable. Well at the moment, the one I just got off amazon isn’t too big and the big band is just perfect for my beautiful skull.

Essential Oils: 

For the oils I apply to my hair, I can say is influenced by the country I am in at the moment, the oils easily accessible in the country and as the spirit leads. However, it ranges from Argan oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and castor oil. I use these oils mixed together because hair cream isn’t what can be found amongst my hair products and it’s not intentional. So in place of hair cream that I am used to in Africa, I use hair oils I either made or bought from drug store like boots. In addition to the oils, I always apply sheabutter to my hair just like I do to my skin.

The night before I leave my house for daily activities, I comb and style my hair into a bun and tie a scarf on it before bed. By morning, it’s well relaxed, packed together and beautiful to behold. These 3 simple tips are all I do on my hair to keep it great and since black history month 2022 is here, with everyone here in Europe celebrating it, I decided to share my hair care tips to create awareness that our black hair is gorgeous the way it is. I love to wear mine with pride and hope this helps another black Queen to love her hair and wear her with pride.

Black History Month 2022.

To all Queens out there, Happy Black History Month 2022. Stay connected for more with us on Social media and follow us on Instagram @ _Zanaposh for more.