Yeah, an Original wedding look book for every lady out there courtesy of my best friend.

If you stay with me for 30 minutes or more, you will get to find out there are people close to my large heart and one of them is one “Rat” – called best friend .

On a very beautiful day during our chats, she’s like, “Aunty Ankara, help me choose style for a long dress.  Thank you”

People of God, this is one of the nicest chat we’ve had in a long while and it even has thank you attached to it, like I am “shook” to my marrow. Well, it is a known fact that best friends don’t have nice chat that ends with thank you.

What I didn’t ask is what kind of wedding she would be wearing the long dress to, in-order to stream line my search, but being your go-to girl, I decided to search and come up with this wedding look book.

Well, I equally decided to share the wedding look book with everyone including you that stumbled upon this post not just her alone. I am nice like that and you can still thank me look book

Off-shoulder long wine red gown with black flowery design.

I like this, because for slim ladies like us, it’s just perfect for our body. Our beautiful bodies will compliment this just fine. Please no big bag when you wear this piece, just clutch purse that will match and enhance your jewelry.

wedding look bookAnother wedding look from the only wedding look book. Flowery design was done with Ankara on the long beautiful dress. Meticulously shaped out.

wedding look book

Fringed shoulder with some peplums at the side. Perfect length, not too long and not too short. With the right heel sandals, one is good to go.

wedding look book

Yellooooooow! it used to be among my favourite colours and I have noticed each time, I wear yellow outfit, I get loads of compliments. So yeah, try out yellow today and email me if you got compliments as well.

Oh how beautiful this wedding look is. Great choice of colour for almost all skin colour types. This with either a lilac, black heel sandals or 6 inches pumps can make one look fly. Not forgetting good jewellery. I am a stickler for good, affordable jewellery. 

wedding look book

Hmmm, the outfit for every occasion. With a great body and bespoke tailor who is attentive to details, your name is Owambe here I come with my Ankara.

The good thing about wears like this, is that it’s for all body types. It’s a non selective style that could make any lady look fly, hence why it has been added to this wedding look book.

wedding look book Not your regular design. Like the Occasion has to be big to wear this, “maka is” the venue with the gown. It’s sure a beautiful piece too. 

wedding look book

And this reminds me of the Duchess. So lady like, for Queens and not ratchets. Though it can turn ratchets into Queens for the period it’s worn. (No shades intended).

wedding look book

I literally, unconsciously saved this picture twice in my phone. Something about the model, colour and style plus infused Ankara material. Beautiful in all forms.

wedding look bookWell yea, it’s not a long dress but I feel like saving this picture here. Simple and presentable.

wedding look book

Loving the colour, Muse and style. Off-shoulder, front peplumed gown studded with beads. Owambe dress for peppering them gang.

wedding look book

wedding look book

Saw this and imagined myself in this design. 

wedding look book

Slaying without much jewellery is still possible. In fact, to stand out most times as posh, requires minimal Jewellery to be worn.

Booyah! Hoping these few styles from my wedding look book can help out and you can check other fashion style posts.

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