Every Classy Woman out there deserves a Classy, Boss Girl Wardrobe and you “Milady” reading this post, you are a boss girl plus you are in the right boss girl environment.

A bossy girl wardrobe might sometimes involve maxing out that card like I mentioned in Good Fashion does not come cheap blog post, some other times it might not involve maxing out that card if you know the right place to get the essentials, which is usually the case all the time especially if you are not part of the brand war group… shey you know that group where you are brand name conscious and always ready to be unpaid ambassador…lol no shades ladies.

Just so we are on same page when I mention boss girl in this post, a boss girl is a woman who is in charge of her own life, a lady who gets what she wants because she works for it, a female who takes control and accepts responsibilities.

A confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life. This in no way means she must be an entrepreneur, she can be working for any organisation but owns her game.

So yes,

You !

Yes You! Don’t look back or sideways 

Oui, Tu! (French lang)

Да, Вы! (Russian Lang)

Eeeh Gi ( Igbo Lang)

You are a Boss Girl and today I will be listing out the essentials for your classy wardrobe and you’ve got to add air of importance plus some attitude to it when you dress like a boss girl.

Wardrobe essentials, shall we begin?

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  1. Blazer

Girl, you can never go wrong with a blazer. No matter the colour and it’s important to know blazers are versatile, stylish piece of clothing.

It has got to be in your wardrobe all the time especially a black coloured blazer. It can be worn to anywhere and you will stand out. I used to have more than 1 piece of black coloured blazer just because I kept seeing new styles each time I went to shopping mall and it felt good changing them till I realized it was becoming a lot and I uncluttered my wardrobe but trust me on this one it’s a wardrobe essential for black blazer can be worn on literally anything – a shirt, a dress, on a skirt, on a pair of jeans, anything!

Nne, it can be worn to suit whatever look – casual, semi-formal or formal – you would like to rock for the day and beside the fact it makes one look classy, it sure gives off good impression like “the wearer” has sense up there even if the wearer doesn’t have alot.

2. Skirts that fit perfectly

I am a lover of penciled skirts, so might sound a little biased but I am yet to see anyone that penciled skirt never fitted.

However, whether pencil skirt, high waist, flared skirt, it’s an essential wardrobe that boss girls should have and not just in black colour. 

Spicing up the colours and design helps for different occasions. If you do not have much, it would be best to go for skirts that are not so loud, both in colour and in design. 

3. Shoes

If you saw this coming then we are vibing well. I am yet to see a woman who doesn’t have more than 2 pairs of shoe.

It is one thing to have lots of shoes, it’s another to have the right shoes, it’s still another to know the right shoes for your feet and still another thing altogether to know how to walk in the shoe so you don’t end up like The day I learnt to have flat shoe/slippers in my handbag experience. 

As a Girl Boss, you should have at least a pair of stilettos and a pair of flats.

Stilettos, make your legs look amazing and are best worn with pencil skirts or slim pants. You should, however, avoid wearing them with mini skirts. This is because as advised by fashion stylists, there is a fine line between stylish and trashy and that pairing crosses it.

Flats too are a good pair of investments. Well polished and you are good to go, anywhere and can be carried as back up especially if you will have a long day. You don’t want to be caught unfresh: well dressed paired with some footwear because you are beginning to feel pain in feet and you need some relief. 

While we are at it, it’s important to know that none of these items listed above would look half as good as they should be, if not properly taken care of.

Handling is important as owning them.

As a girl boss, you need to learn to maintain your clothes, irrespective of the quantity that make up your closet. Before leaving the house, fix whatever tear there is on your dress, replace that button that removed last week, iron that rumpled shirt, sew the ripped hand of your bag and discard whatever piece of clothing you know is simply irredeemable.

This could affect self-esteem, if not done.

4. Shirts.

I can’t say how many times, this wardrobe essential has saved my day. Those occasions you are clueless what the dress code is and you don’t want to be caught having wardrobe malfunction,  shirts always save the day.

Good thing about shirt is, it can be paired with literally anything as well. Multi-coloured button up collared shirts are perfect for work, a visit to the mall, a casual outing or even a trip to the beach, depending on how it is styled. It can be worn on a skirt, on a pair of pants and jeans even, with each variant perfectly suiting whatever occasion you are set for.

5. Little Black Dress/ Gowns

Not sure this wardrobe essential needs much speech on its importance.

6. Jewelry

Whether as a neck piece, earrings or wristwatch, a little jewelry here and there to adorn and compliment a dressing never hurt anyone.

Matching rightly and modestly does the magic.

Finally, one last piece of clothing/wardrobe essential you should totally wear as a Girl Boss is your confidence. Never leave home without it, for if you dress rightly without it, your classy boss girl dressing is incomplete.

Yes, right and proper clothes helps one feel confident when one puts them on but most importantly, true confidence comes from within. Irrespective of whatever you are wearing, this is what distinguishes you from every other woman out there. Like they say you are addressed by the way you dress.

So update your wardrobe today and step out with confidence like a boss chick that you are.

Till next interesting post, stay fulfilled and accomplished.

Never settle for less.