Faith journey as a PK isn’t an easy one and today, sharing her faith story is one of the PKs (Preacher’s Kid) I know and have admired a couple of times from afar, who have gone on to become a Preacher herself (whispers Mini ??).

Sometimes, people judge PKs like it’s holy water that flows through our veins, we’ve got no struggle and we should be at our best all the time but nah sorry to burst your bubble…

We are human and have blood flowing through our blood vessels just like you.

If you know any PK, remember them in your prayers daily, if you meet one next time be kind for they are most times target points for the devil if he can’t get their parents.

Sit back ,read and enjoy…

So I grew up in a Pastor’s house and honestly my parents as a people made me love God!!!

Watching their characters over the years was so inspiring and I saw God answer simple prayers like “God, I need a new pair of school shoes” almost immediately after I prayed so even as a little girl, I can say I loved God!!!

However I had one problem, my family experienced a lot of lack while growing up and though that was usually an avenue to see God’s provision, it sincerely bothered me most times.

So I concluded that being a pastor (or being in a family of one) equaled poverty and I didn’t want to associate myself with that.

(I guess we some PKs think that way)


I officially gave my life to Christ in 2003 (as per I said the salvation prayer). I remember our house help at the time who had literally become family sat me down and told me being a pastor’s kid doesn’t automatically mean I’m a Christian.

So I said the prayer and went about with my life…
But I think my real personal journey of faith started in my late teen years.

I went through such difficult seasons with my family (but by this time my both parents had travelled out of the country, so it was just my siblings and my I).

I had to learn to trust God and fight in the place of prayer. There was no mum and dad close by to pray for me.

So things like visa denials, looking for university admission kept me in a constant place of prayer and in the midst of all the asking and frustration, I found God!!!

I went through different phases . Initially I was angry and disappointed with God .

Then I would get into the phase of maybe I’m doing something wrong (like any sinful habits I haven’t dealt with), Then a pity party ??, Then later I would get back on my feet in trusting God- faith.

Honestly I’ve drawn close to God in my most difficult situations .Ofcourse I’m mad at first (like why would He even let such happen to me) but there’s always this part of me that knows He is my only hope.

But in all honestly my faith journey has been such a roller coaster ???. But the good part is it always ended in faith but it took a while to get there.

I’ve had seasons where I put my whole heart in pursuing God and other seasons where I just chose to live my own life without Him being at the center .

In all of these, God has always drawn me back!!! I legit feel I can never be gone too long, He always comes after me.

For the past few years it’s been more stable. Yes there have been hard times but I believe I’ve really come to know God as friend and Father so my loyalty is no longer circumstances based…

Faith is a very personal thing. Between you and God . There are no rules to your relationship with Him . 

So find your style with God. To any readers going through a difficult time, from experience those are the best times to have first hand experiences of God for yourself!!!

If I could change some things in the past, I wouldn’t react with being mad at God!!! I would trust Him even though it’s hard and I’m blank…

Today I celebrate having a very personal relationship with God and it was birthed from challenges, so embrace them and know something good is coming out of it .

Thank you Queen for sharing your story

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Till my next post, Be Good!