Natural hair is an afro textured hair gift, given to Africans by their creator so if you ain’t African sorry about that (though not entirely apologetic about it) because I am here to share natural hair styles for Queens.

Each strand of hair type grows in a tiny, spring-like helix shape, dense and in different hair textured types ranging from hair texture 1a to hair texture 4C.

Recently, there has been a shift from relaxed/permed hair to team natural for reasons like hair damage from hair products (relaxers), weather for Africans in diaspora, unequal hair length growth and the fun of joining team natural hair movement just to wear different natural hair styles. I must say, it’s a positive movement that depicts African rich culture, welcomed by all and envied by team relaxed hair.

Becoming team natural hair can be through 2 ways, either starting out fresh on low cut form or ceasing from relaxing the hair, trimming the ends along the way occasionally till every new hair strand is natural.
Option 2 is the best for majority, I mean unless you are comfortable in your skin and not under some authority that detects how your hair should be kept, you can’t just wake up and walk to the salon to get the hair off.

Natural hair is a beautiful thing with beautiful trouble of maintaining, growing and styling it and only a few have found an easy way round it. At the moment, I seem to struggle with it but hopefully soon I would get a grip on it and would be more than happy to share how I maintain mine easily, if you remain subscribe to this website.

While I work my way through my precious gift, let’s look at natural hair styles that I would love to recreate and the beauty about these natural hair styles is that they can be worn out with pride without worrying about looking less than expected. Well, I would say, natural hair brings out the creativity in you.

Natural hairlooking at this style can be satisfying, from the 2 line side braid to the spiral hair packing. Then imagine when you add beautify coloured or even non coloured hair clips to it. Magnifico!

Natural hair styles One sided Twisting with the remaining hair styled to the middle. This sure could be worn to school, any environment including or event of your choice.

Natural hair styles

No style is literally impossible with natural hair. Decorating with hair ornaments is a welcomed idea. Just be creative and see the beauty in you radiate.

Natural hair styles Wow!


Where are my fellow team natural?Natural hair styles Speechless …

Speechless that’s how these natural hair styles make me feel… 

Can I get back up singers.

It’s all love with natural hair styles and you can’t ever look awful while wearing any of the styles. On the lighter side, while packing our hair to create styles with our hair, our arms and muscles get toned beautiful. So it’s like a buy one get two bargain deal when it comes down to natural hair creativity.

Black women are honestly blessed. if you have none around, the might be the universe speaking to you at the moment. Get ye one today so that you can beam with pride when she wears her natural hair styles!!!

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