Errm although someone might feel I am in no better position to blog about this but you know, no one knows anyone better than his or herself.

Friendship is one of the words that has lost it’s value in this generation. I remember back in the days, if someone calls you friend, it’s a great deal ! For you know yourselves well enough to trust no harm will come from your friend but now?  MBA!! Ex president of Nigeria: President Olusegun Obasanjo said and I quote”trust and verify”.

It takes great deal to find those who still understand the word friendship and it’s values and I for one belong there. Friendship means alot to me and before we get there, I could say we must have been through stuffs and most importantly I feel safe around you and yea when we finally become friends, I could take bullet (abeg the drink not gun bullet) for you.

And if you know me, you will definitely know that the circle is small filled with awesome fellows with the following friendship qualities.

The Money Making Maverick


Uhm your guess is as good as mine that this will be on my top list. Everyone needs that friend who knows how to invest, not yopi let’s spend it all. We have this joke in my house where we say “ka anyi lichapu ya” get an igbo person to translate for you. But whenever we say that, just know he/she isn’t the saving type and you sure know what next will happen.

But seriously,  if we spend all we have now, what happens during rainy days? Remember I am not saying we should not spend but do so wisely. I sometimes ask myself if this,that I am about paying for wouldn’t be useful in 6 months then there’s no need for it now. Not a necessity!

Money making Maverick are my kind of persons. I know one or two in the circle. They run business too and some changes I have been able to effect on Zanaposh came from them.

They spur my business forward and at the end of my discussion with them, I feel like business mogul.

The Adviser


It’s said in the multitude of counsellors mistakes are few and I couldn’t agree any less. A life without an adviser has chances of having alot of avoidable and regrettable mistakes. This is one trait I for one and believe most people should look out for while making new friends.  Look for those that will give you meaningful advice not the bad advisers and when adviced, heeding to the advice is important.

Important to same time sieve any advice given!

Go Getter


My kind of person, someone who drives you to achieve your goals, who pushes you forward, who goes out of his or her way to find ways you duo can achieve your goals.

Imagine having someone who’s okay with your current state of things and not looking at futuristic big goals. Such a disaster!

Goal getters are hard to come by anyway but among your clique of friends there should be one .

Loyal Confidant


Aaah when you have been advised and have goals, have plans, the least you need is a diarrhoea leaking mouth, tatafo who would broadcast your plans. There’s this saying that people wouldn’t jinx or spoil what they don’t know about, so it’s best you keep shut or have a confidant.

You need that confidant, someone you can discuss with, someone who can atleast keep some informations to themselves till it’s time for the world to know, even when you duo must have had misunderstanding.

Friendships and trust are broken when you hear something you told someone in confidence somewhere else.

Like wow!

Before discussing with someone about private information, make sure they have integrity of keeping to themselves.

Super Connector


I like these. Those friends who know the right people in right positions and right places. They are the ones, you discuss with when you need to pull off some strings.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not encouraging IM but please where necessary,  have friends like this. They make friendship easy and getting things done fast.

But same time don’t misuse such friendships!  It’s wrong and quite annoying.

The Fighter


I think I have this trait??.

Don’t mess with my friends or I come for you but ofcourse not physical like exchanging blows( the food I eat daily is not to be expended on physical fights). There are numerous ways I can come for anyone that messes with my family members or close friends.

These set of people have your back at all times.

Ride or die people!

9 to 5 BFF


I would like to use this opportunity to say yes I have one Rat that I talked about in Ankara look book.

She’s a darling but dunno what it will be like working with her .

Well, have got these BFFs that we call Igbo peoples Association and high achievers that I look forward to working with. They seem like work will be fun with them based on one or two school stuffs we’ve done together.

In a world where work place is seen as a boring place where you get paid,  you need friends that will make it lively. So cool if you are already friends before you started working in the same place.

Jaiye Master


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You need the jaiye friends. Where dem party at kind of friends, although it should be classy parties where you can where some Classy Outfits  to not a ratchet organized party.

We all need friends that we can unwind with from time to time.

Unfortunately not sure I have any Jaiye friends right now, they are all busy looking for their destiny.

Prayer Warrior


My favourite kind of friends! I love it when my friends say, Naza I prayed for you or I am praying for you. It melts my heart like cheese.

These people are the kind that cares for your spirit man, they know there’s need to pray for their friends specifically.  The kind of friends you talk to about things you want lifted in place of prayer.

I enjoy having prayer group friends.

We take out time to pray for our mutual friends especially the ones going through difficult times.

After such prayers, it feels refreshing and I duno why. But I definitely enjoy praying for  people .

In all of these, find people or friends who uplift you and not those who suck up your energy. Conversation with an uplifting person is amazing, you end feeling great about yourself or something. Few minutes spent with them motivates you, energizes you and spurs you to your goals.

Never invest your time or energy in people who don’t uplift you in any form whether spiritually, emotionally, financially etc. They are energy vampires and someone described that there are two types of energy vampires: those who are inherently energy vampires and those who are transient energy vampires.

Transient energy vampires are fairer than inherent energy vampires in the sense that They are those who are at a phase of their lives when they are going through alot,  they require our support and energy that period to come out strong to avoid getting into Depression. It is just for a short while and have never been like that albinito which is quite understandable.

Inherent energy vampires are energy drainers all life long, year in year out. They never contribute to your life, always sucking up your energy. After every conversation with them, you feel all drained down to zero percent and super exhausted.  They are all what bad vibes and energy represents, never seeing good in any situation,  finds fault and complains about everything and anything .

Like leech they never fall off but it’s essential they are cut off for growth to occur at its maximum. Cutting them off isn’t always easy for they could be family members or someone really close or someone you see daily bhet you have to anyway and that’s by gradually detaching yourself emotionally, mentally and physically from them.

Pictorial representation of types of people you should surround yourself with in this journey of life.


If you’ve got all these you are blessed!

Check your circle of friends!

Till next post Be friendly!