I never understood this, till one fateful Sunday some months back.

After slaying in my head with my jumpsuit plus blazer, black handbag and matching pumps in the morning to church.

Service was over and I was like, eeerm Chimnaza don’t you think you should use the train… yea, it will give you time to think things through and don’t worry girl, your shoe is comfy for the walk.

Innocent me talking sense from I dunno where into my head, decided to use the train station and that’s one of the worst decisions I took without a plan b😁😁.

Eeehe, Leggo to train station🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ walking towards the escalator to go down and I started noticing some abnormal shakings beneath my shoe. All alone for I didn’t wait to go home with anyone, I told myself whatever it is, I can go through🤣🤣.

You see, that was early sign to turn back and call cab bhet no, I continued walking. Got into train, stood at  a place till it was time to get down…. this was when I realised my village people have followed me and were ready to work over time. First few poised steps weren’t working, I managed to come out of train, sat on one of the seat-in, examined the shoe and discovered the extent of the damage.

Hey Lord!!!

You can’t allow your baby girl go through this alone.. tried calling roommate and sister.. they were in church and that meant seating for a long time Inside the metro station and I needed to go home…hunger was already dealing with me.

I took the bold step, started walking with one almost out heeled shoe… literally dragging my feet till I came out of station . The embarrassment was much,  the onlookers couldn’t say sorry nor profer help. Well, not like it would have made much difference but it was better than looking like lost sheep,smiling and giggling at my pain.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I removed the bad shoe and was tiptoeing alongside the good one… reminding myself of all the types of bacteria that I could get infected with…consoled  myself with the fact that first thing when I get home will be to soak my feet in dettol water.

I needed to walk fast, to reduce the number of people I will meet on the way so that my embarrassment could be small. I wished I had supernatural powers to fly, oh how I thought of some abracadabra to do to be in my room. Nothing was working, I was at risk of seeing more people… and this being my regular route, I have to walk fast into my room to be able to walk with my head held high subsequent days.

This was when I did the “undoable” removed the two shoes, held them in my hand and walked bare footed. Eeew😮😮🙄🤨  IKR….Luckily for me I was two minutes to my building and have suffered enough already.. what other worst thing that could happen ?

Didn’t reply greetings anymore…went straight and soaked my feet in dettol water while beating my chest that I am a strong lady… “I can do all things through christ who strengthens me”. I couldn’t cry nor laugh,  I thought about my generations I have disgraced, all the shakara I had done and will do…an experience I would never wish an enemy. I decided in my heart never to leave the house without a flat slippers or shoe even if it meant carrying extra nylon.

That wasn’t the end of my dilemma…


These girls (roommate and sisters)made a video 👆before they came back for I gisted them on WhatsApp. When they finally saw my shoe and instead of sympathising with me…made video of the shoe, posted on their WhatsApp status and laughed till they were tired. Still waiting patiently for payback but not with this kind of experience though.

Well, it’s all in the past, forgotten till I saw a meme on Instagram about “behind every high heel,there are slippers in the bag”. I couldn’t help but smile and I hope you smiled all through this post ….

P.s: It was a new shoe persay but gotten from eeerm some kind of shop like that…never went back to purchase things from them till date.

You can share your story or tell me what you could have done if you were in such situation or better still tell me I am a strong lady😂😂.

Happy Weekend and please don’t be like Chimnaza, always have extra foot wear 🤣😂