Being in a foreign land has it’s pros and cons. One of the Cons is racism.

I have long understood the word without having much experience till last Weekend especially on Sunday when I got it first hand😄.

First, I ordered for taxi and I got notified that it was around about 2-3minutes later. I clicked on  “I am coming” option thinking taxi was already there. Little did I know it was all a lie till I came out looking for the taxi.

I called and he said he’s coming from the other side of my street and I should turn back. Yea! That’s when I saw fine executive car that was sent coming.


In my mind I was like, Chimnaza you go pay wella las las, while shoving off the idea with the knowledge that the price is already fixed, so what’s my problem. Let me enjoy it while it lasts 😂😂 for such opportunity comes once in a while.

Got in and taxi driver said I was going to pay for waiting time and I was like why?

Muttered that it’s 6 minutes into the time already and I said but you just arrived… so to avoid trouble because it was Sunday plus no strength to argue over it, I affirmed and he started our journey to pick up a friend along the way to our destination- church.

Got to her house and she joined the taxi… trip continued. Decided to update her on what transpired between taxi driver and I plus my taxi wahala a day before on my way for an examination… few minutes into our discussion Hunku screeched the car to a stop and

Shouted : Shut-up ( in his language)

We were surprised and to say I was startled could pass as understatement. We shouted back asking him why and that was when we understood it was because of our discussion “orishirishi” of taxi ride.

He went further to say something in his language and I spontaneously said back to sender😂😂😂😂. I duno where that came out from but at that point it felt like the right thing to say although thinking back, it wasn’t and we should have said more🤣🤣, just maybe would have schooled him in mind your business class while driving passengers.

He said he wasn’t continuing the trip anymore and we should come down , Middle of nowhere!!! Chai and you say these people are normal?

Of course we came down without paying..

His loss after all, shortened our next cab money but it was so annoying and cold for it’s winter season.

Tried getting another taxi… took awhile and we ended up late to church🤨😮, it sure was pretty annoying for we left for church early and got there late.

Well, incase you are asking what we did after that… I rated him 1 star and couldn’t give reason for it went off before I could. It pained me small shaa.

It’s easy to be rude and a racist about something but don’t forget…I will rate low afterwards.

Gisted a friend and she’s like if it’s where we come from we would have paid for already made trip and somehow I knew this wouldn’t happen in Nigeria. Who has time to be a racist kwanu plus taxi drivers are business oriented to complete the ride and collect their fee.

It’s all good!!!

And I miss my country finally 😄😚😘.

Proud Nigerian 🇳🇬🇳🇬 today and always.

You are free to share your own taxi experience so we can console ourselves, but remember this post is just to make you smile while alert at the racist taxi drivers.


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