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Survived Bone Cancer

I Yeeted Bone Cancer

On a beautiful day on twitter, I came across a strong lady who will be sharing her bone cancer “yeeting” story that helped me see life from a different perspective. Sit back and become aware through this write up that bone cancer exists, not forgetting this is to help bring more awareness on bone cancer… Like, share and comment at the end…. When I turned 20 years old, I was living a fast paced life: I was a full-time university… Read More »I Yeeted Bone Cancer

World Malaria Day

I have come to realize that whenever malaria in mentioned anywhere outside Africa, it’s seen as a very deadly disease and I can’t help but laugh at this notion for if this is really true all Africans would have been long gone and there wouldn’t be any continent like African continent. I remember the day we watched documentary on malaria, the laugh and smiles on my African group mates faces said it all. We sure were like it’s not that… Read More »World Malaria Day

ArterioVenous Malformation

Arteriovenous malformation is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins, bypassing the capillary system. It wasn’t until I blogged about Surviving Stroke that I knew how serious today’s topic is, infact there’s this Instagram account of someone I know from distance that is apparently a survivor and full of energy. With my whole yen yen chitchat about interest in a particular field in medicine,  I just didn’t know much about ArterioVenous Malformation and I will try and explain-blog about this so that both non medical, health… Read More »ArterioVenous Malformation

Surviving Stroke

On a random day during the holiday, I was scrolling through Twitter and came across an interesting tweet that got my attention. I followed through to the original tweet and met this lovely soul that will be my blog guest for today who is really Surviving stroke, in short words- has survived stroke. Yay! Allow me to introduce Emma Gee, one of Australia’s acclaimed Inspirational Speakers, offering her thoughts and solutions on resilience and person-centred care, she is definitely doing well… Read More »Surviving Stroke

Coronavirus- Virus of International Concern

I have been closely following this viral disease- coronavirus update on Twitter since December 31st 2019 when it was reported by WHO. Initially, I was worried about the likes of myself that look forward to travelling to China this year, then the fact that Chinese would be celebrating their New year being in the news for Coronavirus and trying to stay healthy plus alive. My worries intensified how it would impact world business owing that large business production are carried… Read More »Coronavirus- Virus of International Concern

Brain Cancer

Welcome back lovely people. This post was inspired by the loss of a friend to Brain cancer who will be laid to rest today, thanks to brain cancer. I remember some years ago when I was searching for medical schools in some countries , my mum gave me her friends contact to call and discuss with her the possibility of joining her to study there. This beautiful woman was quite helpful, she went out of her way to reach out… Read More »Brain Cancer