Class of 2020 Medical Graduate

Latest Graduate

Yes!!! You read right, Class of 2020 M.D Graduate. (Does imaginary happy graduate dance). It’s been a long time coming, prayed for this day, believed it will come and worked towards it. A journey that started with “what do you want to be when you grow up”, a journey fuelled and inspired by life experiences, a journey I am grateful to have begun… So allow me to be vain small and re-introduce myself : Chimnaza N.C  (B.Mls, M.D and something… Read More »Latest Graduate

What every Medical Student wants you to know

Oh you are reading this post because the cute face behind this blog has a little time on her hands. Yeah * she does an imaginary Igbo dance * I am finally on first semester winter break after most students I know have long gone on winter break (this sub is for my Engineering friends and friends in other countries/ continents ). I have longed looked forward to these few weeks break even before the end of September 2019 when… Read More »What every Medical Student wants you to know


How To Maximize Time During Lockdown

Yaay! By the time this post would be made public I would have had 3 weeks plus lockdown at home due to COVID-19. Pretty sure 2020 will be taught in future history class as one of the pandemic years and hey grand kids, your granny being me would be answering all your questions and be sending you those annoying Broadcasts. Initially, I was okay with the idea of staying home to help curb the virus spread but with time I… Read More »How To Maximize Time During Lockdown

Jack Ma

Jack Ma(Alibaba CEO) In My School

The world is changing, we are entering into the digital period that no one has ever tried before and this digital technology will create lots of jobs but are you fit for the jobs that will be created?

online shopping

Online Bad Experience

Shopping online is great but knowing how to shop and which vendors to buy from is a “skill” that most people need to have including myself but hey I learnt in an annoying way, sit back and enjoy. You can laugh but don’t really pity me😃. I think my first experience was after I got here and was running out of kanekalon (hair attachments) with no one coming from Nigeria anytime soon. By then I haven’t become conversant with the… Read More »Online Bad Experience