It’s another weekend and possibility of new hair style is there.

Tired of usual hair styles, thinking of braiding but no style comes to mind.

Don’t worry you are not alone. I basically start searching for new braiding style before loosening the one I am wearing. Yeah! In case you are wondering… I Braid almost all the time and I am team natural.

Is Braid a protective hair style?

Yes and No…

Yes if the stylist doesn’t pick the edges and No, if they are picked…

Always insist on letting your edges breath a little,  I understand, it comes with some level of beauty but what is beauty with no edges tomorrow 🙄🙄?

Braids are beautiful and they have this awesome way of making one look young while saving one the stress of combing hair every morning.  In my opinion, it’s easy to maintain and sure aids in hair growth. The one con it has, is loosening it especially when it’s tiny braid .

Here are few possible styles that can be braided with kanekalon😄😄😄…


6 big corn-rows with small grandchildren.

BraidAnother corn-row with little styling by the side…

Style worth trying out for it’s easy to braid and loosen.

Braid stylesI remember when this style was the reigning style some months back and yea I wore this style, loved the look. Might consider braiding this style again.

BraidPardon my love for corn-row style… it’s because I can be lazy to loosen my hair so will always opt for easy styles like this… you should try it out.

BraidHello Sister!

This right here is cool bhet who knows how long she sat down for this🤔🤔.


My kind of style, loving the bead addition… made it more beautiful.


And that Fulani braid look

Braid Another Fulani like hair do.. beautiful too

BraidsSomething different but fine

BraidsThis right here is my kind of style. Long “Shuku”, adding beads at the tips wont be a bad idea


My all time favourite hair style❤❤💗💗💗

Braidl think this is the trending Style…

Triangle braids , has it’s own beauty though


Twist out braids that can be packed/styled in different ways…


Stayed glued for subsequent braid posts, try out these and glow all the way.

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Ciao till next braid style