Being a foodie I owe one of the good food memories I have from my last visit home to the Brain, Cute face and Organiser of owerri chaw fest.

After updating on my WhatsApp story that I don’t want rice or the “superi superi” food I have been eating, that I wanted something different -African food, I got a chat that what would I want for lunch. I thought it was all joke till I was called out from office that I have a delivery.

Hey people, I went to pick it up and lo and behold it was blockage filled Oha soup. My joy knew no bound and to think one of the blockages was snail, one meat I wouldn’t trade for anything was heavenly.

Yea, you know how office work won’t let you be great, I didn’t get to eat it till later in the evening for we had lots of patients to attend to. Of all days for patients to report sick was the day I had this food #yimu🙄🤨.

And yes when I finally did eat, it was worth the wait, time didn’t permit me to try out other African dishes from them but for that particular one I can confidently say, Them Sabi their onion.

You can imagine my excitement when I was told he was organising something for foodies like Myself come Christmas – Owerri chaw fest💃💃. 


Owerri CHAW fest

Owerri chaw fest is a Food festival for food lovers. It’s a gathering for people who are willing to widen their culinary horizons.


However,  the event is not limited to just food tasting as drinks and other merchandise will also be on display to add to the fun. Stage performances and christmas give aways are additional features of the event to enable you- “beautiful perzin”not just feed your stomach but your eyes and ears😁😂.


It’s a foodie something scheduled to hold every year during yuletide season but the first event is scheduled to hold👇


It’s a sure foodie festival you don’t want to miss. An Avenue to meet new people, try out new dishes and to relax from the years stress.

So handsome men, beautiful ladies, take that trip down to O’town and enjoy on 22nd of Dec 2018, just for obere ego to eat every every.

Affordable tickets can be gotten  from OWERRI CHAW FEST TICKET.

Check Owerri Chaw Fest on Instagram for  more details.


Singing along

Yes Abacha I love you and I am riding…


See you there✌✌❤.