online shopping

Shopping online is great but knowing how to shop and which vendors to buy from is a “skill” that most people need to have including myself but hey I learnt in an annoying way, sit back and enjoy. You can laugh but don’t really pity me😃.

online shopping

I think my first experience was after I got here and was running out of kanekalon (hair attachments) with no one coming from Nigeria anytime soon. By then I haven’t become conversant with the shipping option which should have saved the day for me and ofcourse I really don’t know how to open up with stories like, I need to get so so and so, how do I go about it…. blah blah.

So this is how Chimnaza decided to shop kanekalon from aliexpress after I had gone through other shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay with most of them not shipping to this part of the world.

Took my time and perused through most vendors and decided to buy from one coy. I went through their product description and saw I needed like 5 to 7 packs for full hair making.  I was shaa wondering why I need that much for back home, we use like 2 to 3 but to be on safe side, I ordered for 10 packs and when it came I couldn’t cry.

Common sense should have told me not to place such order and converting to Naira gave me heart attack.  Went back and forth with the seller but nothing came out of it instead they promised to compensate me on my next purchase… Gi na onye kwanu is purchasing kanekalon again yafoduzie from you. I learnt never to buy kanekalon anywhere beside from Nigeria .

And even if it’s from Nigeria, not all vendors for it’s either small in size or not original, well that was before I found a way round it.

Another online experience I wouldn’t be forgetting in a long while was on Instagram.  Roomy and I decided to do skin care and stumbled on an IG vendor. We asked for price and decided to pay based on the picture of product we saw posted on the page. Pipu of God when these items arrived we couldn’t cry nor laugh.

First my own item was half way finished but hers was full or should I say better and to think that the picture of what we saw and got was something else was 💔.

On a normal day, such money wouldn’t have been spent in such way if we had seen the product. Like it wasn’t worth the cost but as usual we couldn’t do anything.

The one mistake we made was not asking for a video of the product. We just bought straight up without asking around and funny enough we saw same product somewhere else, big size cheaper than what we paid for them sometime later.

Ever since then, buying online takes alot of underground investigation before payment. But someone will say, shey you run an online store? Yes I do and I prefer to call the potential customer before payment especially if they are not in same location with me to avoid someone feeling bad or spoiling the brand.

Meanwhile check out the online store and order from us using this Link… we are equally on Instagram as Zanaposh.

Nevertheless there are honest entrepreneurs out there and if you are not convinced, call on video before you make payments .

These few stories of mine and other experiences made me to buy ticket recently from ticket station while my friends were paying online, I went down to the station and bought mine.

I can’t deal with another touchy story.  We laughed it off when I mentioned it as being the reason why I didn’t pay online, like how do I call on video to pay for ticket😂😂😂. These people have really created trust issues for fellas like myself.

But have I really stopped online shopping? No and wouldn’t but these are literally what I do before I buy especially if it’s a coy I intend partnering with and most entrepreneurs can try out this method.

  • Ask for a video of the item I want to buy
  • Ask for free sample product if it’s allowed in the coy.
  • If free sample product isn’t available, I pay just for the sample .
  • When it arrives, pass it through some test especially since I sell hair and hair products and our watch word is quality.
  • If it’s okay then go ahead and buy in bulk but if not I move on to the next vendor and see it as one of those things.

I hope not to have other unpleasant online stories and I believe I am not the only one with such experience, you can share your online experience in the comment section and maybe your own method of buying things online.

Till next post, thank you!!!

Happy New Month.