Today being the 23rd February Twenty-Nineteen is one day out of the year that most Nigerians did not plan to spend their day on voting but you know how you can plan out your day, week or month and some variables interfer with it… ehe this is exactly the situation here.


Notwithstanding,  no matter what happens it’s a day that shouldn’t be joked with for it determines the next four years, the life of unborn and born kids, the next generation and alot more.

Before I Express how disappointed I was alongside every other Nigerian over the postponement of the election from last year to today can I briefly explain why it is important that we all vote today although a friend will always say “the highest rigger wins”.

Nke mbu being that we are tired of dwindling economy. In less than four years Nigeria went from the giant of Africa to one of the poorest countries in the world. Who did we actually offend? Voting today could change this and the power lies in our hands.

Secondly one may say, “Wetin concern agbero with overload” but have you thought about how almost all systems are failing ranging from Education to transportation to Health and other sectors with health sector, nothing to write home about.

Recently been seeing stories of death due to poor health system, insufficient equipments and it’s estimated that if care isn’t taken in some years to come the number of doctors-health professionals in Nigeria will be so low for various factors like unavailability of equipments for treatment, underpayment of the health professionals and even internal strata wars that don’t meet the public.

I even read of a story a little kid that died due to heavy stone thrown on him by his fellow school mate, unequipped school clinic in addition to equally unequipped nearby hospital.  Health system concerns all and sundry, hence we all need to vote.

With the “boko haram”, no one needs to be reminded that these terrorist group should be put to an end and this present government has proven beyond doubts that they can’t do anything about it, Therefore the need to vote them out.

The list is endless and can’t really be exhausted with one post but can there be an explanation to the postponement of the election.  What could be the justifiable reason or problem that full four years couldn’t solve or is this another strategy for a particular sect?

Shifting this election has really inconvenienced alot of Nigerians especially those that have already fixed their wedding date on the Saturday, those that lost their lives or loved ones to accidents while going home to vote down to those with one Occasion or the other planned already for this today.

Can anything be done about it?


Vote! Vote for the right candidate, a candidate that can be held responsible in events like this , a candidate right for the job as a president.

While at polling boots today:

  • Minding one’s business should be the utmost on the list to avoid fight breakouts.
  • Don’t sell your vote because of an item or money .
  • Be super alert! It’s a voting exercise not an exercise to die.
  • Wear clothes and footwear that can allow you to Japa, it’s not a fashion runway
  • Most importantly protect your vote
  • Go with an extra snack for when hungry
  • Go with power bank if you must go with your phone to polling boot whether to be abreast info online or to give solicited info
  • Remember your PVC for without it, you wouldn’t be allowed to vote.
  • Follow the voting rules, finger print the appropriate way.

While we hope that today turns out well, we hope that whoever wins takes Nigeria to great heights and not plunge us further into debts .

Long live Nigeria! 🇳🇬🇳🇬

Your Vote Counts🇳🇬