Meet Chimnaza

Chimnaza Collins (S-P-E-N-C-Y)
Medical Doctor. Medical Laboratory Scientist. Nigerian. Igbo. Jesus Lover. Fashion Conscious. Serial Entrepreneur. Daydreamer. Ambitious . Ambivert.
Chimnaza likes food, Acquiring new knowledge, travelling, Surprises, trying out new things, meeting new people and being a little bit mischievous here and there with my friends and family and of course shopping especially bodycon gowns.
Chimnaza loves seeing people in love and don’t mind match making when I can , I mean in my next world if there is, I could pass as relationship expert and maybe not go into medical profession 😁😁.
Eissh such an exclusive!!! Well don’t go telling people for I could deny you🤣🤣🤣🤣😁.
Creating and having beautiful memories especially those memories that make one grin from ear to ear when not around, can be my specialty.

I crave adventures but I can be a horrible introvert atimes.

I Love Food
I’m a Foodie, I feel I was created along side food🤔. Like how can an individual love food so much, that when she’s on her way back home… all she can think about will be food she will eat once the door is open and once the door is opened without changing into house cloth,she grabs the available food.

It gets as bad as watching YouTube channels to know which food recipe to try out😁😁, imagining what and what that can be mixed together to get a good meal .

Oh lord! Well prepared Meat can make me follow you🤣 while breadfruit can make me pack into your house till it’s finished🤣🤣. Please there has to be someone like me out there, I can’t be the only one like this🤣🤣.

I Love Fashion
I’m inspired by creativity and uniqueness. I love people who stand out in a crowd, who have a sense of individuality.

I believe that’s what fashion and personal style is all about. Infusing that little part of you and creating your own statement with ease.

Although,  being in school hasn’t given me the options to Express this love to the maximum.

Just one day I will, but if you see me in my fashion less moment and unfresh, mind your business 😌.

I Love Good Health
Staying healthy is one of the lots on my priority, Hence the firing desire for medical profession. I read alot and try out a lot of things to stay healthy from herbs to supplements.

One of those hospital pictures

Health they say is wealth. I hope to write about my herb discovery someday, to educate people on the importance of herbs (plants we see and overlook daily) to healthy life and the need to have garden filled with these plants. Please don’t call me a herbalist yet🤣🤣😁 but it’s sure something I love.

I Love the little things of life that makes me smile, they keep me going…
Random Hugs from loved ones, holding hands among lovers, little notes, time with family and friends,road trips, unplanned fun travel, Laughter, doodles, beautiful memories….

I love Business

If I wasn’t in health sector or that my day one dream wasn’t health profession, I am sure I would take up class and degrees in business . I have this special joy when I have business talk with people,  can’t explain the cool feeling and it comes off with ease because it’s more like a hobby.

Feel free to shop on my business site Zanaposh. Quality and price friendly plus free WORLDWIDE shipping on some products.

“I am learning every day,to mind my own business, to live and let live, to let go of the past and focus more on what’s in front, to love, to laugh more, to expect less from people,  be more, to be thankful for the little things of life, to be totally and unashamedly Me. But most importantly to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire and not terrify me.”

Feel free to come on in and I hope you stay after your little findings!

I remain CHIMNAZA, not your conventional lady.
Unapologetically evolving .

Twitter: Chimnaza_

Instagram: Chimnaza_

Business IG: Zanaposh  (abeg patronize)

Ecommerce website: Zanaposh

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2021 Update:

She loves the fine things of life, a go-getter, always optimistic and ever ready to learn. Oh and every Nanosecond Counts for her.

She is me and I am Chimnaza